Wood walls and climate zones

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One thing I've noticed about a lot of builds are the gaps left between the boards of exterior walls. While I love this look I am a bit curious if it would be commonly found in areas with cold winters or serious rain-/snowstorms accompanied by high winds. A similar question could be asked about the absence of interior sheathing. Can anyone recommend one or more books with good photos of these types of structures found in bad weather zones?


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    The area where the West Side Lumber Company was located got 32 inches of snow per year so I do not know if that fits your qualifications. Books about the West Side Lumber company sometimes have a picture or two of the interior of the car shop which certainly looks like a Sierra West kit. The logging books seem to concentrate on the engines, rolling stock and trestles but not much on the buildings.

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  • Good question - probably allot depended on the use of the structure and the seasonality of the work, and availability of materials. continental locations would have cold winters and hot summers whereas on the coast up here in the north west the main enemy is dampness and rain and wind.
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