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I thought it might be fun to do a Video Q & A once or twice a year. A great cigar website does this and it is very enjoyable to watch. Post any questions you would like answered here or send them via email to and once I have enough I will make the video. Any subject relating to SW, kit building/scratchbuilding, tools, supplies, history, etc... would be appropriate. I am sure you have some questions I cannot even begin to imagine!



  • Brett here's one for you.

    How do you do the castings? And can you show us how there done?

  • Brett: Maybe not suitable material for a video but it would be really handy for space planning purposes to have access to the footprint dimensions for the building(s) in each kit along with the dimensions of the pilot model diorama shown in the respective kit photos on the SW web site.
  • Brett,

    I would like to see how and to what extent you set up an assembly line to prepare kits for shipment.

    I think the videos are a great marketing tool.

  • Brett: Do you use drawings to develop your kits and casting? I know a great deal of research goes into it. Just curious about the art behind the development.

    P.S. The videos so far have been great.
  • Brett: How about a tour of the SW wonderland or maybe a day in the life of Brett
  • Brett, I don't want to know any of your secrets, somethings are to be left as mystery. What interests me is the history of a kit. I.E. Inspiration, motivation, logic in construction choices, colour choices, paint type choice (floqui vs PollyS vs others). Who motivates mentored you? How your drive for kit development was/is nurtured?

  • Hi Brett.
    One thing I struggle with is how to make paper shingles look real. Maybe a q and a on that. I really like the idea marty had about how do you go about deciding on a kit and the process to get it into a modelers hands.
    Thank you for all the cool stuff you do.
  • Brett, one of my frustrations is when I'm building a kit and the instructions tell the reader to mix paint A with paint B with paint C in some proportion will produce a particular colour...I would like to see what the colour "should be" and compare it to what I did. Thus would be more of a how to video, rather than a Q&A.

    Also, some of the painting instructions are behind the times and I would rather see the state of art methods for those painting Instructions. I.e. Replace soaking with chalking for the Twin Mills sawmill.

    Thanks for listening.

  • Thanks for all the input and suggestions, with your help this will be a very informative video! Keep the questions coming...
  • Brett, this request might well be classified as heresy on this forum! However, in my little world not everything should be in a state of disrepair or decrepitude so I would really appreciate some wood preparation/weathering tips on making up one of your kits so that it represents the structure in its prime - well used but also well maintained or even recently renovated.
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