3D Back Drop.

Its been a while but time fly's along with so many different things happening. I have been trying to perfect a 3D backdrop using foam board and ground foam. I have posted on an other forum but I would appreciate the input from the SW gurus.

As we all know one must do the backdrop first before advancing onto the layout proper. The backdrop has managed to hold me up for months.

I am now somewhere that I can live with after many attempts at different techniques including painting.

The furthest away mountain range colour may need to be changed, as it lifts out by it self this is easily done. Just getting the colour right is not easily done. And so this is how it will be for some time if not for ever, we shall see.

The trees are pretty crappy and wont be used on the final cut, if I ever get that far.





What do you think??


  • Just a thought. Maybe more like this with the rear mountains?image
  • Hello John, its great to see you in here. I am new in the past few months so this is my first time seeing you. This is am ambitious project you have going. I'd love t see more of it.

    There are certainly some extremely qualified wizards around here that can weigh in with thoughts and suggestions. Please stay with us for while.

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    Firstly John it's great to see you back and sharing your modelling with us here on the forum.

    As Alan shows very well in his response and picture a great improvement to the back 'mountains' would be some colouring to give them a perceived 3 dimensionality and distance.

    The shapes and size fit in well with the illusion of a distant mountain range, as shown also in Alans picture.

    I hate to say it but currently they look like unpainted card board cut outs placed against the sky. Some simple shading and colouring would make a vast improvement to their appearance.
    You say the mountains are removeable to work on, does this mean that the 'sky' is also accessible?


  • Thanks guys for the input, much appreciated.

    Yep, the sky is very accessible and too blue, needs to repainted a much paler blue. The layout is in a spare room and it can be winched up to the ceiling and on it way down can be pulled away from the wall, about a 2 1/2 feet gap, enough to do things and paint and remove that grey mountain range, which I am beginning to think is to tall compared to the more forward ranges ??? I am seriously considering finding an artist to help out on this one.
  • Try sky paler/ white at bottom blended towards the top blue.
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