The Deer Creek Mine in HO Scale

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Well Karl and I have started this one. I have been working on the CAD drawings and Karl is working on a mock-up of the tipple. Looking unreal so far. Really excited about this one. Once we have the headframe mocked we will post a few teaser shots. I am hoping to have the pilot model completed by June 1.


  • Can't wait to see what you guys come up with. I'm sure it will be unbelievable.
  • On the road and just catching up on the SW forum before I head home in the morning. I reserved my kit some time ago and this teaser really heightens my expectations!
  • I am really looking forward to seeing this one!
  • Brett/Karl, based on your renowned work and the prototype (O Scale version) photos we've seen, any HO scale worker would be absolutely nuts not to be in line for this release. If the Deer Creek Land & Timber Company lineage wasn't exciting enough now to add a Deer Creek Mining series demonstrates the forward thinking, planning and commitment to premier fine scale modeling products. Thank you in advance for your taking this direction and making such a fabulous product(s) available, the amount of work that goes into developing and producing this caliber of kit does not go unnoticed!

    Cheers, Ken
  • Brett & Karl, thank you for all the fantastic work you do on behalf of all of us. You guys are the BEST . . . .

  • Brett,
    Any chance for some unique gondolas for the mine complex?
    Jim Richards
  • Brett,

    It has been three months and we are all curious. Any Chance for a sneak peak soon? Maybe a picture or two? Maybe a layout sketch including some dimensions on it? You know, planning for the layout never stops.

    Lots of thanks. Mirko
  • Working on the pilot model, coming along nicely. I am really happy so far with the translation from the original O Scale model down to HO Scale. Assembly is very straightforward. Nothing to share yet, gotta wait for the diorama to be completed!
  • Thanks for the encouraging update but the suspense is cruel!
  • I guess you're not going to do itsey bitsy steps like I do!

  • Now that we're getting close to a release could you give us an idea of the size of the diorama's footprint?
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    I see there is a tease image of the mine now. We want more Brett.
  • Brett saw the pictures one word to describe this kit!!!


  • I'll second that ! Very nice.

  • What a wonderful piece of work. Nothing out there even close to this...well done and thank you...
  • It gorgeous! To bad the US to CDN exchange rate is 1.16.

  • Brett,

    Awesome work on the new kit. Very impressive.

  • Brett, you are a wizard. Karl, excellent execution . .. .
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    This is an incredible kit which once again takes modelling standards and results to a higher level while keeping it accessible and achievable by everyone .

  • Great job, Brett. This kit sets the bar higher than any of those that came before it and looks like it will be yet another winner for SW!

    Any of you "Old Timer Experts" planning on entering this HO Deer Creek Mine as a diorama at the 2015 NNGC in Houston?
  • Brett,

    This kit looks so good it has to be a success. Do you have any sort of broad schedule plans to make the other kits to go along with this one? Three years, five years?

    Best regards,

  • Wow! Brett it's fantastic. I can't believe you can make something in HO that looks better than O.
    Incredible and yet with you it is almost expected.
  • I think it is an testament to the quality and the effort that goes into all of Brett's designs that he has already sold out the first run of the mines. I'm just glad I was on the list. I can't wait to crack open that new box of resin and smell the aroma.
  • So how is the special order 2nd run supposed to work? I'm in the middle of benchwork design/construction and not sure how the mine might fit in--wasn't expecting the kit to be potentially limited this way so maybe my mind (mined?) has been made up for me. Still waiting for Deer Creek Central Camp but can't really tell what HO kits may come next. Getting add-ons for the mine seems pointless if the mine itself is out of reach.
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    No worries Mike. More will be available once I get the first run shipped...

    The supporting Deer Creek Mine structures are designed so that modelers who don't have my mine will be able to use them in many different ways.
    They are great stand-alone kits that are also designed to be incorporated into just about any backwoods scene. Exactly like my Logging Camp series of kits was successfully done by so many!
  • Been absent from the forum for a few days and I see that Brett has added more diorama pictures to the Deer Creek Mine page along with the titles of some future supporting kits. This is really great news and I'm saving my hobby $'s accordingly!

    A couple more kit release and the possible permutations of kit combination into dioramas or layout mini-scenes will be huge.

    Way to go, Brett!
  • I was very excited to receive this kit so promptly, and am amazed by it. The manual is the best I've ever seen, and I love the new templates and jigs. I stayed up until about 2:30 the night I got my kit reading the manual. What a piece of work! This kit just jumped up to next in my build sequence, since I'm so eager to try some of the new techniques. Thanks, Brett.
  • Bill looks great so far. Nice job on those castings. I'm just about done with mine.

  • Brett, absolutely marvelous job! Fantastic kit, love the manual and great how you feature a finished image of each main component and then proceed with the assembly instructions. That boiler is just freakin great and that's all I've got to say about that. Pictures are suburb, castings are stunning. ...what a way to head into the Expo with the O Scale Saw Mill previous and now this masterpiece...just a killer piece of work.
  • I think I may have found the birth post of the Mine. I was looking at an older forum the other day and found this. It was all the way back in 2008.

    "If logging and mining go together like peanut butter and jelly... how about a Deer Creek backwoods Mine? I have a terrific plan that fits the theme beautifully. Any interest?"


    Makes you wonder what Brett's dreaming up right now.
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