Weird source of reference material...

Ok, call me weird, but i found source of western structures that can't be believed. It the TV show called the Wild Wild West.

At Christmas we were in Costco and saw a complete DVD set of all seasons of the Wild Wild West. When we watched it we get to see some great models of western towns. Yes, it hollywood, but it can spur ideas and things to put in your diorama. Plus its a woot to watch.



  • The terrible HBO series Deadwood had some awesome structures I want to model. I will have to check out your suggestion too Marty... thanks.
  • Just re-lived my childhood and watched a few episodes of the Lone Ranger TV series on YouTube. It had great western structures that gave some good ideas to put into my models.

  • Great idea. "Hi Yo Silver . . . ."
  • Deadwood was sooooooo boring. The story lines became dull and predictable. Same problem I am having with Westworld. Deadwood's characters were too shallow and predictable. Did provide a great view of the old west however...

    It's why GOT and Soprano's is so awesome. Great story lines the deeper you get.
  • I tried to get into Deadwood but I felt the same way, it's boring to me. I liked Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire. Game of Thrones took me a bit to get into but now I think it's one of the best shows ever. Breaking Bad was the same way for me.
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