Power Lines

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I don't some detailing of power lines and was wondering what is the best product/solution to use.

Locally, I've tried to get EZ Line fine Black, but no one has any in stock.

Any suggestions for realistic modelling?



  • I use green because the time-frame I model Ontario used copper wire which turned green over time.
  • I bought the rust coloured ones online - no black. Haven't used them yet.
  • Wow am I late on this but I thought I'd weigh in. I personally don't like thread or the elastic stuff as most power lines I've seen have a natural sag. I like .006 wire which if you lay across two poles tends to sag and if you have 2 or three wires they all tend to follow the same curve.
    Just my 2 cents and months late at that,
  • You can get EZ Line in several colors at It's currently on sale.

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