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In the Nov/Dec Narrow gauge and short line gazette 2013 was an article in New in Review about the Micro-Mark polly scale colors made by Vallejo.

They give there own numbers to it and attatched a lable with the polly scale names like: boxcar red,reefer yellow, etc etc.

Now I would be a dutchman if I was not going for cheap, so after some E-mails I received this list:

29001 Rail Brown 71,247 Rail Brown
29002 Grimy Black 71,222 Grimy Black
29003 Railroad Tie Brown 71,043 Olive Drab
29004 Reefer White 71,001 White
29005 Rust 71,037 Mud Brown
29006 Clear Flat Finish 70.520 Matt Varnish
29007 Aged Concrete 71.230 Aged Concrete
29008 Engine Black 71,057 Black
29009 Roof Brown 71,038 Camouflage Medium Brown
29010 Roof Red 71,036 Mahagony
29011 Concrete 71,215 Concrete
29012 Steam Power Black 71,251 Steam Power Black
29013 Undercoat Light Gray 71.050 Light Grey
29014 Clear Gloss Finish 70.510 Gloss Varnish
29015 Boxcar Red 71.080 Rust
29016 Aged White 71,232 Aged White
29017 Dark Green 71,016 US Dark Green
29018 Clear Satin Finish 70,522 Satin Varnish
29019 Caboose Red 71,003 Scarlet Red
29020 Signal Red 71,085 Italian Red (Ferrari Red)
29021 Signal Green 71,014 Gunship Green
29022 Tarnished Black 71,054 Dark Grey Blue
29023 Earth 71,122 Desert Tan 686
29024 Reefer Gray 71,047 US Grey
29025 Dirt 71,228 Dirt
29026 Flat Aluminum 71,062 Aluminium
29027 Depot Buff 71,107 Olive Green
29028 Reefer Yellow 71.078 Golden Yellow***

This list came straight from Spain (Vallejo) so now I don't have to order from Micro-Mark instead of that I can pick them up at my local Vallejo dealer.

Hope you guys can use this list, just compare the colors before you buy them because I'm not sure about some colors.
For example Depot buff = olive green ?



  • DJ, thanks for the leg work here! Have printed this chart out and now have a good cross reference. Glad to have you with your "ear to the rail" on this.

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    I just bought some of the colors yesterday and I like them, but I still have nothing to compare them with.

    Merry chistmas to all of you

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