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Someone posted some info on Jax blackening products but can't find the thread now. Jax makes a number of blackening products - presumably for white metal parts the pewter blackening solution is most appropriate ? There is also an iron and steel blackened too...?


  • Another new wrinkle is Brett recommending a new product for blackening the white metal castings. Called "Pewter Black" from Jax Chemical Co. I bought a pint from their website. It adheres to the metal better than "Blacken-it", which I had also noticed was rubbing off too easily after even light buffing. Blacken-it is still the product of choice for blackening brass.

    A couple pics, and then I'll show you a really fun build element- the Yarder Under Construction.


    Hi James- I posted this on my Donkey Repair yard a few days ago. Check out the JAX website- they have a lot of interesting products including a couple that produce instant real rust.
  • Thanks for the info Mike,

    be aware that the Jax Pewter Black will not work on Brass or Copper, I'll double check on aluminum (ie roofing) for you.

  • The label on the JAX Pewter Black says that it "produces a dark black antique finish on pewter, lead, brass, copper, tin-lead alloys and solders without heat or electricity."

    I tried it tonight on some brass wire and strips and it seems to work just fine. I'll let you know tomorrow if it rubs off. I also am eager to see if it works on solder.
  • Thanks for that update Mike, I'll go check my bottle and see exactly what it is..... I may have a slightly different product then and will need to recant my previous statement.

  • Thanks Mike and Karl. Their site says they have a product which blackens aluminum. I bought a different craft product a while ago which claims to blacken brass, copper, and aluminum but it didn't work on aluminum ...
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    Indeed Mike I do have a different product.
    I will be ordering some of the Jax Pewter Black to use. Sorry for any confusion I caused.

  • I realized a local jewellery supply store had Jax products. Unfortunately they were out of the pewter blackener. I bought some jet black brass darkener and the aluminum blackener. I'll do a couple samples and post. They also have a nickel / iron blackener but I didn't see much use for this other than blackening track, wheel sets, and maybe some watch bits...
  • OK, so did a couple tests...
    On the left, the Jet Black Brass/copper/bronze darkener. Yes, those brass bits turned out pitch black! In the lower middle, I buffed a couple pieces with some tissue and the result is a nice graphite/ gun metal patina. I should note that on some pieces the finish does chip or rub off - I did not clean these pieces, or the alloy may have been different (something the instructions note on both accounts). However, the finish is quite robust.

    On the far right, the Aluminum Blackener tested on some aluminum foil. It chewed it up real nice. Haven't tried it on corrugated yet. Both this and the darkener noted above use water clean up which is a big plus.

    I would note that these products are not the Jax Pewter Blackener (akin to Blacken-it) upon which this thread was started (as noted before, haven't been able to nab any of the Jax Pewter Blackener yet). The Jax products are good deals in the pint size relative to Blacken-it and similar products marketed for the hobbyist.
  • Is this product available in th UK or does anyone on this side of the pond know a readily available alternative?

  • you may be able to order directly from the Jax site but there are limits on the size of bottles they can send due to hazardous cargo restrictions I think.... a good jewelry supply store might be able to order it too (or have in stock).
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