Floquil/Polyscale going away?

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Anyone able to comment on the possible disappearance of Floquil and Polyscale paints? There's a thread on the Model Railroad Hobbyist website that says some folks have apparently been getting emails that Testors is dropping the lines.


  • Hey mike same thing on the railroad line forums website

  • Well if testors is truly discontinuing Floquil and Polly it will be no big deal. Craft store paint and powdered chalk will fill about 90% of the void. I have been fazing out Floquil over the last few years anyhow. The only void will be metallic colors and there are several good alternatives including testors brand and a few smaller brands like Reaper.
  • Vallejo Paints are great.
  • A good place to go online to familiarize yourself with a lot of what's available in specialty materials is Michigan Toy Soldier: Check out Alclad for metallics (though I've never tried them for compatibility with Brett's resin castings); also look at AK Interactive, MIG, etc. I don't think, however, they carry Model Master.
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