Trees, trees, trees

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Hello! I'm not sure who is or isn't familiar with Doug Ramos and his modeling. He is by far one of my favorite modelers and I love his old Hon3 layout and his On3 Poverty Gulch layout. He nailed the scenery in my opinion. Now to my question: anyone know what method he used for his trees? Or just your methods? Thanks guys.



  • Yes I'm going to venturing into trees soon too. For thinner deciduous trees one can't go wrong with "super trees" and Silfor products. Coniferous trees are another matter. Fortunately I don't have the room to worry about modelling old growth cedars! Lots of new products - check out Scenic Express. Great to order from too.
  • My favorite trees are from Canyon Creek Scenics. Absolutely beautiful trees. But....not cheap. On the Internet at Model Railroad magazine videos(train master videos)..there is a video about how Pete makes his trees. I've bought a lot from Pete and have made a bunch myself using Pete's methods.

    My second favorite trees are made using Caspia branches(sold at most craft stores) in balsa trunks.

    Last years crepe myrtle tips also make great aspen trees

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