HO Mining Complex

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Woohoo!! So excited to see this kit!! Been waiting awhile to see what Brett will do with a mining scene and this already looks to be a winner! Got a spot all set out for it and the check book is warmed up. Anybody else looking forward to this addition?


  • I have mine (get it..) reserved as we speak!
  • I kept looking at Roger's design on his web site and wished I could get this kit in HO. Maybe I could scratch build one (like that would happen at the snails pace I am building). Then Brett suprised me with his website update on Saturday. This is AWESOME!! Instantly reserved one and scored the tractor repair shed as well. Brett you rock! Can't wait to see the whole dio. My checkbook is fired up too. So many awesome kits. Loads of fun to build from a really great guy! Can't say enough!
  • Ah yes. I have the full size version on reserve myself. Don't have a place for it but had to have it
  • I have both versions on reserve. I can't pass on the chance to build Brett's vision of this beauty. I probably won't start the O scale one until Brett has released pictures of his HO masterpiece so I can copy some/all of his ideas.
  • I was long looking for a mining kit, since I have the perfect location for it on the layout. This will be awesome to look at. Reserved the kit yesterday and cant wait for Brett to get going. Am hoping for a release for sometime in 2014. Brett is busy with a lot of other projects so this might be even a 2015 release I would think. But its going to be well worth the wait. I am only hoping that Brett won't cancel the kit because of lack of demand. I guess we all need to spread the word a little.
  • I am very excited about this project and have some great ideas to expand it into a larger diorama. No chance of this getting cancelled, never announced a kit then axed it, won't start now...
  • I also have both kits on reserve. The HO version is going to be one of the center points of my HOn3 layout currently in construction. I'm really excited to see what Brett does to add that "Sierra West flare". I have the O scale one reserved for when me and my wife get a bigger house and I can start the On30 layout. Someday!
  • Like Bryan I have both ordered, I'm really looking forward to building this design in both scales, although there will of course be some differences.

  • Yeah I have spots picked out already for both scales. However, I will be using Brett's first because I only have room for my HOn3 layout first. I wonder if there is an estimate on a release date? I know Brett has a TON on his plate with the O Scale Sawmill, HO Mine, O scale engine house coming up etc. But I was thinking maybe it won't be too long because it is only a downsize and not building the concept from the foundation up. I am just really excited for this to come out and I am chomping at the bit!!!

  • Even a down size (or an upscale) takes a considerable amount of time to develop.

    Everything really does need to be redrawn, many things need to be changed for specific scales. Adaptions and adjustments need to be made at every stage. Initially on the virtual drawings and then on the test builds which are needed to ensure everything is perfect for the kit.
    Following that, the pilot model can be built from the "final" plans and even then some changes may occur.

    These things as you all understand take time, plus of course Brett has to work on production at the same time.


  • Brett, great update on the HO Deer Creek Mining Company. Should set the stage for some spectacular pieces...the legend continues....Ken
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