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I stumbled onto a guy's website that is loaded with killer reference pictures. Whatever stage your at right now in your build or whatever material you're modeling (brick, wood, stone, metal siding), he's probably got a prototype picture you'll want to see. His name is Ray Dunakin and from what I can tell he's a G scale modeler, but he also likes to photograph and document ghost towns and mines. (I'd never heard of him but, who knows, maybe he's a Sierra West customer).

Need an idea for clapboard siding:

Not sure how vines crawl up the corners of brick buildings:

Trouble with corrugated material?

How 'bout an elevated fuel tank:

Need some reference for that Jordan vehicle:

You get the idea... An amazing resource and I haven't even scratched the surface. Here's the main list:


  • Ray is a member at RRL, he posts alot in the LP&N thread down in "scratchbuilding". He also has his own thread of the "In-Ko-Pah Railroad" also in scratchbuilding.
    He is indeed a great large scale modeller but I had never looked far enough to see his prototype photography.

    These will definately be several links that I will follow and read up on, thanks Bill for posting these. you can never have too much proto reference when you are trying to capture reality in miniature. Colour , texture , depth , shading........

    These are going to be a great reference to refer back to at many times during future builds.

    Thanks again.

  • As always Bill you are great at finding and sharing. Thank-you from a modeler willing to learn.
  • Here's a prototype for the next SW kit:

    Working title: "Squatter's Log House" (it's not what one may think) - this amazing structure once existed a couple blocks from my home in Vancouver.
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