Virtual Railroading

I do not know much about virtual railroading, but I was impressed with Rich Blake's Clear Lake Lumber Company, which is a virtual logging railroad located in the Pacific Northwest. Check it out at: and


  • I have a few different versions of Trainz (the program that this layout runs under) and I like it very well. It is always good fun to play and very realistic. It is made by them for more information. Greg In Australia
  • Greg,
    I looked at the Trainz website shortly after I posted my first message on this subject. There are so many versions of the software for different types of layouts that I found it a bit confusing. Is the software difficult to use?
  • Pratoa its dead simple. You load it up, then you are presented with four choices...driver, surveyor, train yard and one I forget right now.....It runs clean and well, no problems at all. I have run it under various versions of windows from 95 on up. I run a Mac now since my W7 Machine fell over dead, so I am looking for a version for that too. Greg.
  • Pratoa, I've dabbled in Trainz over the years and it really is a nice s/w simulation package (Greg is right, it is quite simple to use). I'm pondering adding a virtual aspect to my new layout in the basement. Since I'll never be able to model nearly enough of the Kettle Valley Railway (south-eastern British Columbia), I thought I may include two hidden dead-end tracks that you would enter and then park the train, move to the lounge and continue the run virtually in Trainz, stopping at industries, switching loads and then returning to the starting point (in Trainz). Then move back to the layout and bring an already configured train (identical to the simulated one) back onto the layout to complete the run.... just my thoughts.

    'til Next,
  • Paul,

    That's ingenious! I might have to do the same.

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