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Hi Brett: I could have e-mailed or called but thought your audience might have additional input. Would it be possible when my Donkey Repair Yard kit is available to purchase an extra Donkey Engine? I'm thinking I'd like to have a section on my logging HO railroad where a Donkey Engine and Spar Tree are being used to drag logs up a hillside to a loading area to be delivered to the sawmill. I have some wood pulleys that look about right from an old wood ship model my father made back in the 50s. If not possible that's fine just a thought. I could take the one from the kit but then the poor ba-----s at the repair yard won't have anything to work on!


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    I could take the one from the kit but then the poor ba-----s at the repair yard won't have anything to work on!
    Well actually they could work on the other one that is included in the kit as the kit contains two.......
    Either that or sit around playing checkers...... but I think that's already been done. :~)

  • or buy two kits ?????????????
  • I see said the blind man! I'll wait and see what I can do with the second Donkey Engine that comes with the kit. Didn't notice it before. Thanks.
  • There are a number of companies that offer complete engines, engine parts, boilers, etc. that would greatly complement the Donkey Repair Yard and other areas where you may require an engine or two.

    Rio Grande Models has a number of engine models [Dolbeer donkey engine, Mac Tugger Hoist, Willamette Humbolt Loader and various engines/winches and as well as boilers].

    Evergreen Hill Design offers an AH&D Two Spool Hoist.

    KMP Models offers Willamette yarders, loaders and pile drivers as well as a spur tree [casting]. [Although, I have read that the quality and detail of the castings are a bit questionable].

    And I sure there are more out there [SS Limited has a Buffalo Hoist for example], ranging in quality and price to meet your needs.

    You could also try scratch building one using a set of plans. I believe Precision Scale Company offer Al Armitage's Plan book on Donkey Engines.

    Hope this helps.


  • sfc,

    Great info. just the kind of guidance a rookie needs to keep on track and glean sound advise from those that have been there and done that. I'll scour these sites and get a feel for what I need...thanks much!
  • Rio Grande Models is a producer I would look into further if I was looking
    for some "extras" or individual specifics.

    KPM Models on the other hand would definately not be on my go to list due to the low quality and detail of the castings.

  • Visited Rio Grande among others and Karl is right on with the recommendation. Nice selection and looks like reasonable good quality castings, etc. You all, I guess I can now say "we", are used to Brett's unmatched quality so expectations are high, which they should be.

    Thanks, -K
  • Consider also wiseman model services and crow river if a SW/chb kit or bits are not available - both have engines and boilers, winches etc (at least o scale). The SW/ CHB kits and bits cannot be beaten but these companies have excellent products to augment your SW scenes. The crow river vertical o scale boiler is designed to work with K&S 3/32" aluminum tubing and you can purchase connectors (elbows and T's) to plumb the boiler to the engine. Don't know about HO though
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    Yet another 'jem' of a post buried in history...the parts and pieces listed on the Rio Grange site look great....aren't these old posts a wealth of knowledge, tho...
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