Donkey Repair Yard

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I'm blown away by the combination of this kit with the Loco and Service Shops. This question has probably been asked before, but what type of (I assume) plant did those logs come from? They appear to have fairly thin bark (feel free to post additional photos) that looks great in HO scale.


  • WOW! another home run my friend - you continue to raise the bar - cant wait to integrate them into the larger dio - is the skid a casting or do you build it? - love the storage car - nice touch -almost feel this is a bigger value in terms of modeling challenges but I guess I will just have to see, huh?
  • Thanks for the kind words gents... the logs are douglas fir. the skids are resin castings (of course!) I know E will be building the loco and donkey kits VERY soon...
  • Brett and Karl,

    The model is brilliant and really completes the Loco and Service Shops. I think you and Karl are truely amazing craftsman. I believe that your kits and instructions are the best available and provide the ability to individualize the kits so no two builds are the exactly the same. They are fun to build and give you the confidence to scratch build as well. Can't wait to get these kits.

    Did the inspiration for the Donkey Yard and Loco shops come from some pictures you have seen?

  • I would love to see this model in o scale, any chances of that happening in the near future.
    cheers Stevo in OZ
  • Thanks for the kind words Jim !!

    Currently working on the O scale sawmill Stevo, after that......

  • Hey Karl: If you hear clapping and shouting in the background, don't fear, it's the O Scale Sawmill cheering crew. We are waiting with great anticipation for the sawmill complex. Best of luck (not that you need luck) ! Joe CCCModOn30
  • OK the photos make it a sure necessity for the logging camp dio and I can't wait any longer. Brett and the crew have done it again. It will top off and complete the entire camp. When will it be ready to ship?

  • I'm anxious to see what the O scale folks can do with the new sawmill when it comes out but I'm more anxious to see the Donkey Repair Yard ship. Hopefully soon.
  • Are there revised plans for the release of this kit?
  • It's coming... been really, really busy!
  • These are definitely shipping...
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    Indeed, they are flying out the door as we type Mike... Plenty of happy modellers by the weekend.

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