Best wood supplier for no frills kit

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Hi All,
I am new to the Forum. Would you kindly advise which is your favorite source of scale lumber for an HO scale Shelby's just received from Brett?
Thank you.


  • Northeastern will supply you quickly and they are awesome people to do business with. Korin (usually will answer the phone. If not it is Barb and she is great too!) will take care of you. Mt. Albert has the best quality but they are really slow and expensive. Since we start by graining the wood NE is pefect.
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    Same as what my experience has been. Mt. Albert is good in Canada if you can find their "exclusive" distributor at a train show with stock. Otherwise......................
  • Thank you for your quick response. Northeastern Scale Lumber will be my first call!
  • brett: I,m getting ready to build the sawmill machinery kit in h.o. and am going to order the stripwood. I,m can't fine the 12x16, 16x16, and the 22x 26. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Did you try Kapler yet Ed ?

  • Ed Kappler uses dimensional as well so check your sizes and look in all the scales. you will probably find something within a scale inch or two
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