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Well... life kinda got in the way of completing this project as well as a very exciting surprise BUT.... I am closing in on completion. Most of the elements are finished - so I will place a few photo's here on the forum soon. No promises when so please don't ask!!!! But rest assured my faithful forum buddies will be the first to see this beauty. Karl and I have been enjoying staring at it as has progressed and man it looks awesome with main street and essentials. I am really excited to show you and am very proud of the kit! SOON my friends..............


  • Just today I asked someone, "Doesn't the saying go: Life gets in the way when you are making other plans?!"
    Anyway, I know what you are talking about! Looking forward to those pictures!
  • That's why SW kits are as good as they are: quality trumps the calendar. Like the old commercial: "We will sell no wine before its time."

    That being said.... when ya gonna post some pictures? Huh? Huh?
    I' m gonna refresh my bowser and see if they're up yet. *sigh*...still nothin.

    Seriously, this is exciting news. I'm confidant the wait will be worth it!
  • Well I am plugging along on finishing the kit. Got an awesome peeling paint technique that is the easiest I have EVER done with the best results. No BS. Lots of fine detail in the structures, great new castings, etc...
  • Stop with the teasing Brett. Post some pics pretty pretty please.
  • So does this new technique only work on wood or is it useful for resin/plastic/metal as well?
  • Brett: Your work is so good, you only need to announce. I have a new kit. Click here to order.
  • I'm still wondering if the surprise has something to do with modeling or life in general...
  • Modeling.....

  • I can't seem to find the sneak peek.
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    Soon Barry, very VERY soon.
    Keep checking in........

  • Come on Brett - Get out the camera and show us - you know we deserve to see it before the show!!!!
  • just a few hours....
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