Some input/info required

Does anybody know what the 'shed' in the foreground right of this picture was used for, or it's purpose.

It appears that there are some logs stored up in there on a rack but I cant come up with a reason as to why......
The sleds under construction are too long to go in there so does anybody have any sugestions.





  • Could they be drums or barrels rather than logs? Here's a similar structure but at a different camp:


    If this is indeed the same type of structure, it looks like they'd roll the drums off a freight car and leave them on their side for storage or maybe for ease of handling later. But that doesn't really help explain why the need for a covered structure.

  • very interesting Bill...... you could very well be right that my shot shows barrels also.... the plot thickens...

    Thanks for the reply !!! and the great picture...

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