How to delete images?

Is there a way to delete an image by editing a post you've created? The image I added turned out not to be what I expected so I tried to delete it so I could replace it with the correct one and wound up with junk left behind; clicking on the trashcan beside the file name got me a message I was not authorized to do that. Also, when I tried to edit the post it showed 4 other images linked that weren't from my post but rather ones from earlier posts made by others.


  • Brett is the only one able to actually delete uploaded files from a post due to server security.
    Once they are uploaded to the server then read/write permisions on the server take control and 'outrank' the forum software.
    You can remove the image from the post but you will not have access to delete the file from the server. This is why it will still appear as an upload. even as an administrator I get the same message due to server controls.

    When editing your own posts images from the initial post in the thread may appear as attachments, this is a forum quirk and easily ignored.

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