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I've been looking over the various links in the forum and can't find one to change my avatar; is there a way to do that I've missed? Also, how do you perform housekeeping of private messages? Is there a way to clean out old stuff you don't need any more?


  • try clicking your user name - should give you a bunch of options including the ability to change your picture...
  • Is there some reason I'm getting a message at the top of the list of categories that says "To register for the forum please email"? I'm logged on (obviously) and everything else appears to be functioning normally.
  • The message was added yesterday and is initialy seen by everyone. It is simply to let "guests" know how to become a member.

    Once you are a member you can click the "x" and the message will permanently disappear from your screen (when you are logged in).

    The "x" to remove the message from view is only available to members and is not seen by guests.

    More members --- more builds --- more shared info.

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