O'Neills and the Brass and Iron Foundry from the Netherlands

Longtime friend and customer Jeroen Veen sent me these pics of his completed HO Scale O'Neills and Brass and Iron Foundry diorama. What an amazing job! Thank you for sharing with us. It's a real treat seeing these two kits come together.








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    i'm friends with him on facebook and have asked him to post his work here cuz it's so good. he said he'd think about it (paraphrasing). he lurks here, but doesn't post.
  • Great work! Like the way the 2 are combined together.
  • Really great work! Very cool to see the 2 kits in 1 dio. Like the next-to-last foto down the track.
  • That is really an outstanding diorama!!

  • Hey Jerome, you need to start posting here yourself. Your work is wonderful and we’d all like to see your in progress shots as well. Look forward to your next project.
  • Agree with Ken on that! Excellent work to be proud of sir.
  • I too agree with Ken. looking forward to following along with your next build. Great stuff.
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    A wonderful build, so much to look at and admire.
    Thanks for sharing this great build with us to enjoy and aspire to.
    Plenty to look at and study in these two great structures.
    Beautiful work.
  • I just became a member of this wonderful community and I would like to apologize for my late response. Thank you all for your very kind comments. I’m really looking forward to being able to participate in the discussions and enjoy all the wonderful work shown here!
  • Very nicely done. Has the feel of a quaint little town along the tracks. Great job
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