Hartley's SWSM Machine Shop

Received these pics and wanted to share them.

Hartley W. is the modeler of this incredible HO Scale diorama and has granted permission to upload them here on the forum.

Look at the detail! Hartley has told me that he really enjoys bringing HO Scale up to the detail level of O Scale. Well done Sir!

I love seeing the new 3D Printed details incorporated into older SWSM kits.



  • I agree with Brett...some of, if not the best, HO scale modeling I have ever seen! Stellar work here Hartley, simply outstanding. Appreciate you taking the time to post your inspiring work...
  • WOW! HO no less. Beautiful work Hartley.

  • Excellent work !
  • Love the selection and placement of all the details! Has the look of a bustling machine shop.
  • Fantastic detailing Hartley. Love all the little scenes
  • Incredible build and detail work, some of the best HO to be seen.
    Beautiful job.
  • Wow Hartley!, would have been honored to have seen this piece of work as it developed. So much to learn and absorb from your efforts here. Brilliant!
  • Great modelling Hartley. All of the details are fantastic. Any chance of more pictures of putting it all together? Rabdy
  • I agree, would love to see more pictures of this incredibly and masterfully detailed piece of work Hartley.
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