O'Neills from SW Florida


  • uhmmmm, wow. just wow. Need to spend some time with these. What an amazing model and great pics. Hall of Fame! You've done an exemplary job of incorporating the 3D Printed parts! Thank you for sharing this build with us!
  • btw, this is HO SCALE! Amazing Tim.
  • Fantastic work Sky! So much to absorb!
  • Incredible. So much to see and absorb. I'm amazed. Great job.
  • Are you kidding me! This is All-Universe! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to need another cup of coffee to get through this.
  • Where ya been Tim? Talk about details!...You should have been posting your work on this masterpiece all along. Can't comment on very much yet as I'm still perusing everything...I'm with Al...more coffee...
  • This will need many, many views to digest it all. SOOO well done . Really, all those details, scenes, and the build itself. Just fantastic..
  • Very impressive. Will need to go take some time with all the shots here.
  • Tim, again fantastic work and details. Are you going to add steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs to the BBQ?....Just kidding :smiley:
  • Outstanding diorama. Like the others have said there is Sooo much to look at. There are so many very well designed and detailed mini scenes within the whole. They tell lots of interesting stories. At first observation I am impressed how the cut up boiler looks so much like it was cut by a torch. The texture and coloring of the cuts are spot on! The hay rake buried in the weeds is also very well done. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to seeing more of your work.
  • Thanks for all the kind words . The steaks and corn are on the grill
  • If you hear a knock on your front door...its me!...Lol.
  • lol Ken, nothing smells better than food cooking on a BBQ :smile:
  • Agree with Tom, the boilers look so right.

    I also particularly like the scene with the model plane diorama. Very ingenious. Your story telling reminds me of an old friend of SW - Elliot Moore. E was a great friend and test built several SW kits but unfortunately passed away many years ago. E was a master story teller with his dioramas as well!
  • The guy with his trusty modeling companion is my favorite scene as well. The boiler is brass tubes cut up with a Dremel and a cut off wheel . Telling stories with a diorama makes all the difference in the world. It connects the viewer with the model . I posted a couple of other scratch built dioramas in misc . builds . American Heritage is 1/87 scale and Southern Livin is 1/35 .
  • Outstanding diorama Tim, so many great ideas and scenes exquisitly executed and displayed.
    Beautiful and inspiring work all around.
  • Beautiful work Tim. Love the BBQ and the myriad of other small scenes. The tractor is particularly well executed too.
  • For those of that want to use the Jordan Fordson Tractor there's something you should be aware of . There was 2 ,both with #218 . The one that says 360-218 has the 3 segmented rear wheels . The problem is the treads run the same direction left side and right .. It was molded that way . The version that just has 218 on the end of the box has 2 band tracks that are correct . You can see in the photos the tractors are the same but treads are different . That's why my wheel is on the ground with the guy welding it so you can't tell . Maybe I shouldn't have said anything and no one would have caught that !image0 (1)
  • Wow that is simply amazing. My favorite is the patina on that gooseneck lamp.
  • Beautiful modeling, Tim.


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