My name is Ben, I'm a middle school teacher. I model On30 logging around the 1920's. I have not had the opportunity to purchase a kit yet, but have bought some Sierra West details. I have a new layout coming soon, once the new house is completed. Hopefully at that point I can talk the wife Into a kit. I have been a long time observer/reader of the forum. I watched the SW YouTube videos and I just read the Dr. Grunge advanced clinic. I want to continue to grow and learn, so I asked to join. I attached a picture of the wall boards for my loco shed.


  • Join the boys and learn from them, Your wood looks very good. .......Carl......
  • Welcome to the group…good looking wood
  • Welcome Ben. Good to have you along for the ride. Simply the very best modelers in the world are here from what I have seen in my short time with them.
    So much fun to see how far the envelope can be pushed.
  • Glad to see you here and posting Ben. That bottom right corner with the weathered boards and the horizontal boards behind...very nicely done!
  • Ben, welcome. You will learn so much here with these folks.
    Your wood planks look great! We hope to see more.

  • you sure came to the right place. i learn somethin' every day here. some of it i forget but i write that off to decades of hard livin'.... :)
  • Welcome Ben. Good start on your wood.
  • Welcome Ben, great to have you here on the forum. Love the boards, what a great start!
  • Welcome Ben! The boards look very nice. Keep us posted!

  • Welcome Ben, those boards have a really nice color. Show your wife the forum/ builds and she will gladly get you your kit.... :smiley:
  • Thanks for the warm welcome all. I will post some more progress on my engine shed here in the next couple days. I'm assuming it goes in miscellaneous builds, I will start a thread there as I progress. I made the mistake of working on boards into the wee hours of the morning (2:30...yikes). Progress picture from 2:30 below. Don't pay any mind to the 3d printed window, it's just there so I don't board over my opening.

  • Very nice woodworking looks very realistic.
  • Great job on your build and welcome to the forum.
  • Welcome to the forum. Great to have you with us.
  • Nicely done! I notice on the interior shots how precisely the joints fit, especially on the diagonal bracing. Nice work.
  • Welcome aboard! A great place to learn and share. Not sure how you are going to finish the window to look as good as the rest of the wood. Might be worth the 45min to build one from scratch.
  • Well done so far.
  • looking great! can't wait to see other pics
  • I have updates for you. I have been here lurking, just forget to post my own stuff because y'all blow me away. I'm in the middle of a drive from Central California to Northern California, i will post when I get there. Should i just keep posting on this thread?
  • Ben, yes. we all here are looking forward for your updates!
  • Now that I have arrived in Northern California, here is the update. Thanks for all the comments so far, I will try to be better about updating. Captions explaining what you are looking at are directly below each picture . Basically I was working on the Engine Shed and decided I wanted to do concrete floors. This was my first attempt at tracks in plaster, it went not so great. I had a conversation with another modeler who gave me tips/tricks for tracks in concrete. I am going to redo it with a concrete patch/leveler. In the process of completing the shed I decided I wanted a car shop, so I added it. These are 2- 2ft by 2ft pieces of my shelf layout. The engine shed is on the left and is in front of the car/machine shop. I'm going for the machine/car shop looking newer than the engine shed. I hope this isn't too many pictures, and I am far from done. I welcome any thoughts/feedback. The plan is to purchase the Dueling Shacks kit with Christmas Money to put in the space between the Engine Shed/Machine Shop. I will try to get an overhead picture small enough to post.


    Right Side of the Engine Shed


    Engine shed from the front


    Car Shop from the front, I have the other two walls framed, but they are on the bench still.


    Engine Shed Right side from the inside.


    Left side of shed from the inside


    Right Side of the Shed Detail Shot


    Engine Shed from the Rear


    Car Shop Overhead, bench and details


    Mill Engine, scratch built except the 3d printed flywheel.


    Left side of the Engine Shed interior


    Another left side shot


    Right side outside looking in.

  • Overhead shot showing layout.

  • Good progress Ben and interesting layout design. Pics of the tractor? Love the detail arrangement on the workbench.
  • Hello Ben, I to am a new member and was also a middle school teacher for 29 years. My wife taught kindergarten. I liked to say she got the students when they did not know anything and I got my eight graders when they thought they knew everything. Anyway, very good scratch building. I especially like the dilapidated wall boards that are cracked, split, and broken. Keep up with your build. Randy
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