Building a Stamp Mill

What do you guys use to hold the corrugated metal pieces in place? I cut the pieces 3'x6'.

Don't say "Bubble Gun" because I couldn't chew that much!!!!

Here is a picture of size roof were talking about.

Part is covered the rest I still need to make the rafters for.

Thanks for you help.



  • Love that stamp mill, great job Jerry.

    I use the waterproof Elmers wood glue max or 5 minute epoxy. Have to be particularly careful with epoxy as any seepage looks terrible... I know folks use lots of different types of glue, a permanent double sided tape works well too. Got lots of roof to cover!
  • I use Walters Goo, and have used 3M double sided tape both with good results. What Brett said goes for the Goo as well. Seepage can be removed, but often results in the paint coming off the metal roofing material.
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    Try Canopy Glue Formula 560. Dries fast and clear and is flexible. Also easy to remove seepage with a pointed tool. So if you screw up you can adjust.
  • Jerry, That's one large KIT!!!!!
  • If you've etched the corrugated then simple wood glue (elmers...etc) will be fine because the panels will have a porous tooth surface that will grab the glue.
    Otherwise I carefully use epoxy, away from the edges to elimnate 'ooze' as Brett says.
  • Jerry, I was watching your stamp mill build on another forum....then the forum disappeared??
  • No Craig the forum will be back. Joe is having new servers and security installed. And supposedly easier to download pictures!

  • I hope so.... I think its been down a couple month's already ?
  • CraigH said:

    Jerry, I was watching your stamp mill build on another forum....then the forum disappeared??

    it got hacked bad. put it out of commission. word i have is they purchased a new server and are in the process of integrating the new software so that all of the old threads will still be available. allegedly.......
  • All would have been fine if Joe would have come up with the ransom!! The guy wanted every SierraWestScale (HO&O) but he was short getting them to him!!

    Oh well there's always next week and it will be back eventually!!

  • i spend more time here than there, but i did spend a considerable amount of time at that forum too, and enjoyed some of the guys over there (not all though), and i kinda miss it and hope they get it up and running again soon. i guess the only way we'll know is to keep on trying to log in.
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    Ha Ha Jerry.... So right..

    SW build threads built that forum originally, back in the day. Mostly because of MikeC (rip) but, also the original build and challenge threads were all based around SW in the begining.... The Fos Landing thread, Shelbys, RRC, Dueling sawmills.... etc..

    SW kits back in 2007-2010 built that forum, along with MikeC, Rick, John Bagley, Elliot, Mike Engler and many others who are all staunch SW supporters.

    Hopefully Joe will be able to retain the legacy and the legendry of the many great modellers who have posted there over the years, Nolan, Revellia, Doan, Grohe, Me, to name just a few...
  • Karl your so right! A lot of great SW builds done on the RR Forum. It would be a real shame to lose all that history!!

    I remember the first CSS Brett was the leader back then with kits. And look at where he has taken it to.
  • that forum is the reason i switched from n scale to o and swsm. all the chatter about the great castings is what brought me here.
  • Boy Jerry, those early CSS shows in Mansfield were the best. I met so many incredible folks there over the years. That first one when the Nor'easter blew thru was most memorable. That crappy Holiday Inn with the leaky roof. Too funny! and btw, thank you for the kind compliment!

    I bet Joe will get the RRLine forums back into business. Takes a massive amount of time to upgrade old forum software and export/import all the threads. So much amazing history and great modeling! Those really early days were a lot of fun, would be over twenty years ago now, yikes! It was Mike Chambers idea to start a group build thread with Foss' Landing. That was a new idea back then to chronicle your progress on a kit build. Turned out to be a pretty darn good idea! Mike was an amazing dude!
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