Alcohol percentage preference with chalk

I already know what your
Have been using 70%, 91%, 99% rubbing Alcohol with chalks on wood.
I do know the least amount of Alcohol like 70% the more water.

Which do you guys prefer 70, 91, 99 and better results.

Tito's here but not using on


  • i prefer tito's myself, but when i'm working on sticks i like 99%. the only place i've been able to find it is on amazon.
  • I bought a half gallon of 99% at Ace Hardware
  • Forgot to mention it cost me around $25-30 bucks last year for the 99% gallon.
  • I believe why the cost was so high was due to this so called Covid Crap in the beginning of last year
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    The difference on stripwood is so miniscule it is irrelevant. The difference between 71% 90% and 99% is inconsequential, if there is even any, which I doubt, and have never experienced.

    Hell, I've run out of 'alcohol' a few times in the middle of a session and just used water out of the faucet as a carrier for the chalk on strip wood. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE, except in drying time.

    The reason I started using alcohol instead of the original 'mineral spirits' method is because it dries faster and is less oderous.

    It's a none issue.... use what you have available... 71%, 90%, 99%, it all works.
    Just follow the manual.

  • Good info on that Karl. I was hoping that the really cheap 70% crap was ok. I find it super cheap once in awhile and just load the wagon. Last time was 12pk - 16oz bottles for around 15 bucks.
  • Thanks Karl for that...I just had to ask :wink:
  • A few friends starting in the hobby building BrandX kits asked me this question.
    99% (Less Water) is what I suggested for faster drying times.
    Thanks for your inputs.
    End of discussion :smiley:
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