Rebuild base on a old build .

I built this kit about 7 years back but was never happy with the base so this is what I came up with. 20210102_130915


  • That looks great! Glad you put the building at an angle. Your trees add a lot to the scene too.....Rick
  • Those trees really caught my eye. Did you make those? All I ever see for decent trees for sale are pine/spruce. I have not been able to find a supplier of really good trees like the ones you have here.
  • Really nice work Dick! Subtile colors and scene details and composition are spot on.
  • Yep, trees are hand made sage brush and Seafoam
  • Very nice project
  • Not an easy task to rebase a model. You did a fantastic job with the scenery as well as the overall build.
  • Nicely done, love it!
  • Thanks. The old base was foam and everything came off easily, it's now on a wood base which is more sturdy .
  • Good choice on the base. You'll be happy that you did it. I too love the scenery and especially the trees. I am a big fan of sage brush trees. I struggle however with connecting the foliage to the sage brush. Do you have a technique you use that you can share? Thanks. Phil
  • Great diorama! Scenery is very well done! Great use of texture and subtle colors. Love the clutter.
  • Looks really great Dick.
  • Wow! That’s some fine work, Dick!
  • Thanks for the compliments. As for the trees I watched a Video by on YouTube by Luke Towen and he used gel acc and then when you hold the branch material on the glue he sprayed it with a glue accelerant which I purchased on Amazon , works pretty good , practice and patience lol
  • Thanks Dick. I’ve learned a lot about scenery from Luke Towen.
  • Great little diorama. Love the muted colours. Looks great.
  • Wow, that looks great!
  • Really nice work, subtle and natural colors throughout. Scenery is terrific, very nicely done.
  • Looks great Dick. Do you have a before picture? I'd like to see the before and after to see how you've changed things.

    I've watched a few of the Luke Towan videos. Good info there. He had one with a big wave on the beach that was pretty good.
  • These are 2 from the old base , I would say the new base looks much better
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