HO Scale Morton's Foundry

Hi everyone.

I just finished Morton's last night. Another fantastic kit by Brett, lots of fun to build. It's ready to be installed on the layout. I followed Brett's instructions pretty closely. Here are some photos of the completed scene.

I think this crane scene is super cool. I used some exterior plumbing drainpipe to cover the seam on the stone wall on this side. The other side I used some vines. I didn't do anything to the seams on the rear because it won't be visible once I install it on the layout.
This is one of my favorite scenes. I really like the casting boxes and how they create a busy messy cluttered area.

Thanks for checking out my work on this kit.



  • Great job! Love all the details and clutter.
  • Excellent build. Mine is coming along slowly, but I get inspiration from you and others who post their photos......Rick
  • what an excellent model! question though, did you have a stash of castings, or did all those come with the kit?
  • Thanks everyone!

    Kevin, all the castings are from the kit except one small Y pipe casting at the very bottom of the wall pipe I made to cover the corner seam. I actually ended up with a few leftover castings.
  • holy cow, that's a ton of castings....
  • Firstly, beautiful build Steve. Details and execution are wonderfully done with the end result up to your usual high standard, well done my friend. Now to scold you a bit and call you out!...why the heck didn't you post your build progress here? such a wonderful work and we missed all the good stuff! lol.

    PS What's that cool looking stack along the edge of the Foundry going up through the roof? Didn't think we would notice?...
  • That is quite an impressive build Steve! Your detail work is amazing. Thank you for sharing the wonderful work.
  • Hey Steve what a great job. I love your level weathering and your placement of details.
  • Thanks guys!

    Ken, I’d like to do a full build thread but I’m a little limited on solid chunks of workbench time lately. I was afraid the build would stall out or I’d eat up too much working time taking pictures. Plus this kit has a whole bunch of excellent build threads (yours included of course) going already and I wasn’t planning on doing much different from Brett’s design.

    I tried to represent an outdoor sewer pipe with a roof vent going up on the corner of the stone building. The pipe goes down into a Y then connects to the wall a few feet to the left. It’s real purpose is to disguise the joint between the wall castings.


  • Steve, great build and finish. Congratulations. I’ll definitely have to study the pictures. You should be proud. This will be a great addition to your layout. Phil
  • Here is the kit placed into it's spot on the layout. Of course I need to finish the scenery behind it before its final placement but this should give an idea of how its all going to come together or at least sort of what I have in mind.

    The tracks will run behind Mortons, across a small wooden trestle over some water and into Scotia Supply.


    Here's a shot further out showing how I'm going to try to make everything flow together.

    Overhead shot showing the area layout, the roads and how the track will run.

  • Such beautiful work. Wish you could get it a little closer to the edge of the layout for viewing, but great concept....Rick
  • Thanks Rick. It's not too far from the edge but I'd prefer it closer also. The area directly in front of it will be open with a little water so it won't get blocked.
  • That's a lot of great stuff going on there!
  • Great build on the dio and the layout.
  • Amazing job on an amazing kit. Great layout as well..
  • Steve - what an outstanding build. I am so appreciative of your continued support!

    I absolutely love seeing the foundry installed on your beautiful layout with so many other fine craftsman kit builds from companies that I admire so much. Please keep us up to date on your layouts progress with many more photographs.
  • Thanks Mike, Brian, Robert and of course Brett!

    As I make my way to the foreground of the layout I'll start to be able to install some of the already completed SW dioramas I've finished. O'Neills/Quincy Salvage, Foss Landing and The Shipyard all have a home already I'm just waiting till I finish the rear areas to fully install them.

    I'll keep everyone updated on the progress.


  • That's 1 great layout Steve. You did nice work on all those structures and the scenery.
  • Steve, what a great layout. I can see you have been busy over the years building a bunch of kits. Very impressive. In the end, you will have a layout that will attract attention from near and far. I certainly would love to see it one day. Phil
  • Thanks Tom and Phil. I really appreciate that.
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