Portable photo booth

I picked up a folding photo booth and wanted to post my initial thoughts.

The product is the ESDDI LED shooting tent kit. It is 24"x24" and has daylight LED's on a dimmer switch. It comes with 4 colored backgrounds and a cloth light filter. It has velcro doors on the front and top to take photos. Google it to see pics of the product if you like. There are many out there, I chose this one for the ease of use and the dimmer switch.

The photos below are some quick shots with an iPhone sitting on a tripod with the white background installed. The O'Neills diorama is 16x20 for size comparison.

Overall I was pleased with the initial results on the diorama shot. The light reflects off of the walls to give even coverage. When I put individual items in I noticed that the light did not get all around on the darker items as well as the light one. This could be a user error problem. Also, the digital zoom on the iPhone starts to loose crispness in the photos. It's hard not to use the digital zoom when shooting through the opening. I'll try some more by removing the front wall and getting closer with the camera using only the optical zoom.






  • Curios the other color backgrounds that come with it. The O'Niel's came out great. the others show the dark front you were talking about. Another learning curve ahead.....Rick
  • Hey Rick. White, Black, Gray, Orange (pale).

    I think I'm going to really like this once I figure out the best way to use it. It's available in other sizes. I went with one big enough for an O scale diorama.
  • i need to get one of these
  • that's true. the beast wouldn't fit in it
  • No room for the Idaho Hotel. Have to cut it down to the Id Hotel (insert psychology joke here)
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