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Greetings -

I have just joined the forum after ordering the Dueling Sheds kit. I am actually a boat modeler and the majority of my models are at a vastly larger scale than HO or O. Most are either 1:24 or 1:16. My old eyes are not too great for working on very small structures. My primary motivation for doing the kit is to learn more about weathering. I have typically built pristine models, but I would really like to try some weathering.

I have built two dioramas in the past. Nothing to compare to what I see here. One was a small boat shop - and the other was more of a boat-builder's back yard -

Everything is scratch built on these with the single exception of the anchor chain on the second one. As I say, these are nothing to compare to what I see here but I had no clue what I was doing when I did these. I am truly amazed at the work I see here and hope to learn much more.

I already have a few questions about the techniques presented in the instructions, but I will post those elsewhere.

Cheers -


  • Welcome John. I am rather new here myself. The people here are simply incredible modelers and great at sharing info.
  • Welcome aboard, John

  • Welcome aboard. The boats look nice. Looking forward to seeing what you do with these kits.

    Bryan in Virginia Beach
  • you'll never go back.......
  • Dueling shacks is a great start. Reading many of the other posts will help with new techniques as well. Lots of information and help available with the vast variety of modelers here. Welcome aboard. Rick
  • I started off with the Dueling Shacks aswel. Great way to begin. Your dioramas look very well done to me !! Welcome John.
  • Welcome John. I echo what others have said here. Great place to learn many techniques to improve your modelling skills. By reading descriptions and more importantly studying the photos you can't help but learn. Great bunch of modelers.
  • John, welcome. Happy to have you as a member.
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