Covered bridge in O Scale

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While I am waiting for my first SW kit to come, this weekend I tried to scratch build a first building in O scale...


I am experimenting... ;-)



  • Thank you Ed.
  • There is a bridge like that in Arlington Vt if I get down there I will take a picture for you.
  • Thank you Carl
  • Very nice. Will it be installed on a layout?

    Consider overlapping the corrugated sheets. ie: start a row with a 1/2 sheet.
  • brownbr said:

    Very nice. Will it be installed on a layout?

    Consider overlapping the corrugated sheets. ie: start a row with a 1/2 sheet.

    Thank you!

    You are right, I could have overlapped a bit more.

    Two 2'x4' modules are being prepared to join the Dirty Thirty Gang in Ottawa. Other buildings will be added. I am waiting for the Truck Repair to come. This one and the covered bridge will take place on the first module. I am thinking about the Blue Sky or the O'Neills for the second module...

  • Very nice.....
  • A bit more rust on the roof...rust
  • Very nice.....

    Thank you
  • What I have learnt with this first model is how it is difficult to add details because of course everything is really larger than with N-scale... Usually, adding few details gives good results because of the size, and the idea is to suggest more than doing it for real. But in O-scale, this is another story... All details count and are visible! So I have to learn and/or modify my own techniques and adapt them to the scale. Lot of challenges and fun time...
  • Patrick, I knew it was time for me to switch from N to O when I scratbuilt a bridge and lost count after about 1500 the number of NBW I had used...also tried to scratchbuild the railroad camp boiler house.

    I started with the rigging shed. To this day one of my favorite builds. Wish I had another one...maybe the next anniversary special. Might I suggest that you get the dueling shacks. follow the included instructions before you tackle O'Neills. You won't be sorry. With that being said, if you follow the instruction on any kit you will be impressed with the results.
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    I already ordered the truck repair as my first kit from SW. I am really excited to start building it with all information i can find on this forum... Results are so nice...
  • Patrick,
    I’ll second Mr. Brown. Follow the instructions and you will get great results. I have NEVER built a kit before the HO Loco & Service shops and I’m really happy with the results.
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