From N-scale to On30

Hello group,

Thank you to Brett to let me in.

Few words about me: I am from Montréal and I have been modeling in N-scale for a long time. I am really focusing on scenery and buildings...

Three years ago, I found an Atlas shay (rare) during a show and I decided to built a small point-to-point logging layout to use this shay: sawmill, engine shed, trees, etc... And I went to several shows with it. You can have a look here: I really love this Atlas shays. But this is the only model available in N-scale...

So I started buying Bachmann On30 shays and steamers for the beauty of them. I put them on a shelf and never played with them. After several months, I contacted a group to be part of a modular layout and decided to start my first module in O scale.

Surfing on the net, I found Sierra West and all those models. I really love them all... So I decided to start with a first building. Huge change between N-scale and O scale: 4x larger! I will see what I can do with it ;)

Thank you for listening.



  • Welcome aboard
  • Welcome Patrick, interesting story.
    Bryan Brown did the same switch from N to O a few years ago and has done some incredible work, check it out.
    A couple of other members here have done the same. We look forward to your posts.
  • Welcome Patrick. You are in good company on this forum. Lots of great information, tips and techniques to help make you modeling more enjoyable.
  • Glad you have joined us. Looking forward to your builds.....Rick
  • Patrick...welcome aboard. Ever since the Iranian hostage crisis when the Canadian Embassy sheltered four Americans I've had nothing but great respect for our neighbors to the north..... O Canada.
    In 2015 I and 10 other former U.S. Navy Seabees returned to Vietnam to walk the ground we walked 50 years ago. I carried the 'Maple Leaf' to honor my friend Hardie Showell who as a Canadian citizen served in Vietnam as a Navy Seabee. I asked Hardie once why, when Americans were sheltering in Canada to avoid the draft, why he and his buddies would volunteer for Vietnam service....His reply..."we were young, didn't know any better and it seemed like a helluva adventure"
    The attached photo was taken at the DMZ, the border between North and South Vietnam.

    Terry LukanicIMG_0782aa
  • Thank you all for your warm welcome...
  • Hi Terry.
    Originally I am a french citizen but I became Canadian in 2009. Speaking of your story, this reminds me my father's story just after WWII. During 50's, French and US governments had a military exchange program... Then my father went in US in '54 as an airforce pilot and spend 2 years in both Mississippi and Texas.
    Time passes...
  • i made the same move and haven't looked back since.
    you're really gonna love these kits. they're pretty spectacular.
  • @engine909 : I had to look on internet to find those cars... Now I see what you are talking about... ;)

    @kebmo : Yes, I can see what all of you are doing with those kits... Pretty impressive!
  • Yes I am
  • Patrick, i'm hoping you learn alot from this forum as I have. Look forward to seeing your builds in ON30
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