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Hello everyone,

I'm finally resuming work on my SW kits after several years. I've completed all trackwork and trains are up and running on 3 levels so it's time to get back to the structures and detail parts. I've been looking at some discussions, especially Kevin O'Neils and have the necessary Rembrandt chalks, India inks etc. What is the best concentration to use for detail parts? One teaspoon to the alcohol bottle or a little more? I'm using DR. PH Martins Sepia and Van Dyke Brown. Thanks, John


  • I have 2 bottles mixed up. 1 has black only...probably about 1 tsp ink to 16oz alc but you can add more without a problem. The other has the same amount of black and I added some brown and/or sepia to it...a dropper full or 2. The brown mix all by itself will give you a nice dark wood tone about the color of new rr ties.

    I find that I use the black almost exclusively when I use chalks to color wood and I've gotten away from using this mix on detail parts and have moved to enamel washes which are easier to control.
  • Thank you very much. I experimented with this last night and achieved good results. Enamel washes are a new technique for me which I've never done but believe they might work well on Keystone Locomotive Works RR Junk etc. My first step when I get to do these will be to use Brett's technique with the Rio Grande Midas Pewter Oxidizer which I bought well over a year ago. Once I get the patina, I'm unsure where to go next.


  • Check out the videos on the site here. If you first soak the metal part in reduces the surface tension and it will "blacken" much better. Once its reaches the darkness you desire....don't leave it in too long.....rinse it in water to stop the process.....once it dries...buff it with a cotton cloth to get that metal patina you speak of. some of the coating will flake off a bit.....then you can paint it if you desire...or "rust it" with some chalks.....Watch the Videos....
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