Hello from a new member

I don’t know about you but I’m running out of things to do during sheltering. So here I am. My relevant background includes Master Creations kits (Mine, Sawmill, Saloon, General Store) and FSM (I.M. Dunn) among others. My first SWSM was Logging Essentials that I finished in 2018 (I didn’t know that it was a 2’ x 4’ diorama when I ordered it!). Then I did the Railroad Camp in 2019. Now, I’m in the final stretch of the Foundry, detailing that last wide of the diorama. Then I’ll have to choose between the 25th anniversary Blue Sky and Lineside shed. I’m thinking of using the shed as part of a larger diorama that will allow me to take some rolling stock out of storage and put to use.

I’ve been lurking here for a while and appreciate and enjoy the various personalities of the contributors. The good news is that you’re no weirder than anybody else I’ve met (LOL). I will have to see how to post photos since I’ve transitioned away from a PC to an iPad which I understand presents a problem with the file naming conventions of the Forum. I look forward to kibbutzing with the members.


  • I'm looking forward to seeing your work. We definitely all have our own idiosynchrasies - or as I like to put it, "idiot-synchrasies" :-)
  • Alco.
    Welcome to the SierraWest forum. Sounds like you are a rather serious modeler.
    My advice regarding the decision between the SW Lineside Shed and Blue Sky kits is grab both of them wile they are still available. I was in the same spot and went with the Blue Sy kit first only to see the Lineside Shed become unavailable in O-Scale.
    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Welcome. You'll enjoy and be able to utilize the information and tips on this forum. Phil
  • Welcome amongst the gang !!
  • Welcome to the forum, we look forward to your input, contributions and modeling.
    Sounds like you've got quite a few accomplishments under your belt, we look forward to enjoying them.
  • The more input the better. Glad you have taken the plunge to join the group.

  • hop aboard....
    but be careful with ed. ya never know.....
  • Come on Kevin, Ed is not a bad guy
  • kebmo said:

    hop aboard....
    but be careful with ed. ya never know.....

    Anticipation is everything.
  • sdrees said:

    Come on Kevin, Ed is not a bad guy

    nope, he's a loon

  • Welcome aboard
  • kebmo said:

    sdrees said:

    Come on Kevin, Ed is not a bad guy

    nope, he's a loon

    Is that what you call him???

  • Welcome, super glad to have you participating Alan!
  • Welcome to the forum...
  • Welcome Alco....happy to have you along for the ride
  • Welcome to the forum...I vote for the BlueSky build! I'm a bit partial to that kit and would enjoy seeing what you do with it...Ken
  • i'm actually pretty harmless.......
  • ....easy ed.....
  • Welcome ALCO. I'll vote with Ken - grab BlueSky. On the other hand, grab everything - SWSM on the shelf is worth far more than your 401(k) - well, mine anyway.

    Kevin is not entirely harmless. Just very talented.
  • engine909 said:

    Alco, Welcome aboard. If I may extend a warning, watch out for those who build massive hotels.

    I think he’s shooting for the Forum’s longest blog.
  • I gotta be on that list somewhere, shit, I started my Woodcutter Shack back in 2012 or so, and that was one of the smaller kits/projects...
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