More Dirt, More Details, and More Dioramas

I've been away from modeling for the past few years, and when I decided to return, of course I went to Sierra West first. One of the first builds I saw was Ken Karns' Loco and Services Shops, and I could not believe my eyes. The buildings were special, but the dirt, details and scenery surrounding the buildings rivaled KarlA's great thread on scenery. But there was less about the scenery than the actual buildings in Ken's threads, so I emailed Ken about his scenery techniques.

One thing led to another, and now Ken has graciously agreed to address his scenery techniques in this forum. I will leave it to Ken to explain how he approached the Loco and Service Shops diorama. But I'm sure there will be many questions from the rest of us along the way.

Let me just thank Ken up front for taking the time to do this.




  • Your most welcome Bob, and want to thank you for your kind words here. Karl's work was and is an inspiration for me, and many others, in modeling and scenic work. The timing on this thread is absolutely perfect as I have completed the main structure work of my Scotia Supply build and what remains is the scenic work and all the external mini scenes and details. So, what I thought would work well, and get me off dead center and back to work, was to chronicle the scenic work on Scotia as I go along and concentrate on each small scene from start to finish. I believe this will be an interesting format and quite productive for me at the same time. Thanks again Bob and let me know if this sounds like a good plan.

  • Awaiting your class.
  • i brought ya an apple.....
  • Fantastic and thank you in advance to both Ken and Bob !!
  • Sounds perfect!
  • Ken, I'm glad you're doing it. I love doing scenery and am in search of new techniques all the time. Phil
  • This is gonna be great coming from the master modellers bench. My chair is pulled up.
  • Welcome back Karl!!!! I'm glad to have you back. You have been missed. Phil
  • KARL IS BACK !!!!!!!!!! yippieeeeyahoooo Good to see you :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
    you will need to catch up with al the great builds posted here.
  • No Karl...I'm doing this thread not you! will be coming from a bench albeit not the one you describe that's for sure...
  • welcome back karl! we've missed you.
  • Ken, i am litterally ready and waiting :smiley:


    Karl, nice to see your back. i've been using your builds as references.
  • Karl, Welcome back. How was your trip to Westworld?
  • I have decided, out of respect for Karl's iconic thread coined "Dirt, Details, and Dioramas", I will be starting my scenic work thread under a new name. I will decide that name by this weekend and hopefully get started with it. Thanks all for your support going into this project...Ken
  • waiting with bated breath....
  • Thanks guys, your comments mean a lot to me and its so great to read you all.

    As we all see repeatedly, Ken definitely has the skill, talent and ability to take what is already incredible (Brett's SWSM kits) to the next level. He has that 'eye' for a little something extra, and he always executes it perfectly.

    This is absolutely going to be something we are all going to get alot from.
  • tick....tick....tick.... :)
  • I guess we qualify for “socially distanced” for this presentation ;-))
  • Karl's work is what I aspired to emulate ever since staining my first piece of stripwood! Hats off to you my friend...we all love ya buddy...
  • Everything I ever viewed on this forum has helped me refine my modeling.....I wander in and out of it too often.....with the confinement in Jersey I have found more time than I ever thought I would have. As with all tutorials....I will go to school on it......
  • KKarns said:

    Karl's work is what I aspired to emulate ever since staining my first piece of stripwood! Hats off to you my friend...we all love ya buddy...

    Same goes for me !!
  • and me.
    he's not my only idol on this forum, but he's one of top of the pops....
  • edited May 14
    I really appreciate all of your kind words and am thrilled that what I have done and shared in the past can help others, now and in the future. We all build on each other.
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