Jay the Rookie

I am returning to the hobby after a long time away. I am new to craftsman kits but I am enjoying working with wood - and making it look ugly! :-) One thing that has surprised me over the last few weeks is that I enjoy building structures so much that I have almost forgotten that they are supposed to appear in the context of scale trains as well.

This week I've been visiting websites acquiring tools and I've made the first of many trips to one of our local home center stores for spray paint and what-not. I am semi-retired, having been a software developer and database designer for about 33 years. I am now pastor of a small church in the Chicago suburbs and a seminary student. Working on structures is my favorite thing to do in my moments of spare time.


  • Welcome aboard.You will learn more from this forum than any other for wood structures. Also Brett's instructions are by far the best in the industry. Not just how to build them, but the techniques to get the fabulous results. Enjoy the journey. Rick
  • Welcome back to the hobby.....or addiction as most of us see it....
  • Welcome Jay. You've come to the right place. Phil
  • Welcome aboard, Pastor Jay....we’ve got another pastor who hangs out with us here and is a great model builder as well... I hope you enjoy your time with us and enjoy the art of modeling some pretty fine kits
  • Welcome amongst us sir !!
  • I am so pleased with all of the warm welcomes! Thank you.
  • Welcome aboard.
  • you'll never find a better place to learn how to build craftsman structures than right here. welcome to the loony bin......
  • Welcome, great to see you on the forum!
  • Have fun while you join us in your adventure of kit building.
  • Welcome and looking forward to seeing your work. As Kevin says it is a great place to learn.
  • Welcome Jay! Great place to learn and just admire some great modeling. Don't hesitate to ask questions. There are a lot of great modelers here that are happy to help you out.
  • Welcome Jay!
  • Welcome Jay. We all struggle to carve out as much spare time as we can to get some bench time in...look forward to seeing your work...Ken
  • Thank you! I have two final exams this Friday and then I plan to get some good project time in starting next week.
  • Welcome Jay, you've got the best kits, the best forum and the best support.
    All you have to do now is jump in and enjoy yourself.
  • Thanks! I still need to order a few items, but I am picking up my glass work surface today from our local glass shop. The chalks arrived last week, so I am ready to brutalize some wood and try out the techniques!

    If I become brave, I will post some photos of small projects that I have been working on while waiting for all of the supplies to arrive. :-)
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