looking for a tool

hi guys,
somewhere on the forum, buried mid thread, someone describes making a scratching tool for detailing wood out of used #11 blades and a piece of tubing. if anyone remembers it and knows where it is, please point me to it. sorry for creating a new discussion for something so mundane.
i've got a ton of used blades. i've probably gone through 70 or so this past year.. i'd like to repurpose them.


  • I made such a tool. Look at page 3 of the Sawmill build. Not with used xacto blades.
  • thanks robert, but that's not the one i was referring to. this one had something like a dozen used exacto blades in a square or rectangular tube, and i wish i could find it. i've been looking for it for three days.
  • Sounds more like a medieval tool of torture.....a dozen blades....!! :smiley:
  • that's pretty much how the creator referred to it.... :)
  • Kevin....seems like someone made something like what you describe by driving many small nails (brads) thru a block of wood...could that be what you’re thinking?
  • I finally found what you are looking for. It is known as the wood wrecker. It is made with either 5 or 6 #11 Exacto blades press fit into the end of a K&S 3/32 X 3/8 brass tube. It is shown in a working with wood video. Here are a couple screen shots I took with my camera so a bit blurry but you should see what you want. do wrap the tubing with layers of tape for a handle.

    wood wrecker

    wood wrecker 2

  • I also recall the tool that Terry referred to. It reminded me of the carpet strip that wall to wall rug installers tack down around the room perimeter prior to installing/stretching wall to wall carpet. Nasty tool. Might even be considered dangerous in the hands of some modelers. But this looks even more dangerous. Hmmmm!!!!

    My thoughts about the "#11 Exacto blade" tool. I wonder if the grain lines would be really fine and tend to disappear after we treated the scale lumber wit A & I due to minor swelling.

    I think if I were to make the "#11 Exacto tool" I would epoxy the blades together and then epoxy that assembly inside a rubber tube or styrene tube of some sort like shown in the photos above. Finally I would fashion a cap to cover the blades much like a pen cap used over ball point pens that you clip into your shirt pocket.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Perfect tool for Kevin.
  • If you turn the tool backwards and use the backside of the blade, it digs pretty deep. You can put too much pressure and damage your board. I use a single blade backwards to do damage to board ends next to the ground for dry rot.

  • I think Mountaingoat is on the right track. I found some pics on Railroad Line but no information on how it was made. It looks like he used square brass tubing for a handle. A stack of #11 blades soldered together at one end and then jammed into the tubing:




  • Please keep that away from Kevin. There is one actor on Billions that would dig it.
  • that's exactly what i was looking for. thanks fellas. ed i have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Gotta watch the TV show Billions to get it.
  • kebmo said:

    ed i have no idea what you're talking about.

    What???? I have literally NEVER thought that and then pushed ‘post comment’!
    (We luv ya ed!)
  • Back at you.
  • LOL
    I always feel left out
  • Bill, It is damn good to see your face and comments. You are one of the backbones of this great forum.
  • indeed!
  • It’s amazing what happens when the world changes overnight! I love the hobby and particularly Sierra West and our community.
  • Brother, we love you. And even if you were not a great modeler, we would still feel the same.
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