Any feedback on the “Fast-Tracks” hand laying system

Wondering if anyone here has any experience with the “Fast Tracks” system for hand laying track?


  • Tom.
    I think that Mark G has used it.
  • Carl,

    The members of Midwest Mod-U-Trak have used Fast Tracks turnouts exclusively without any issues. They function flawlessly when installed per instructions issued by the manufacturer. I believe the club has used them on their modular layout for at least ten years now without any failures.

    The Mod_u_Trak layout will be operating again this year at the NMRA DuPage Division Meet on March 21st. This year’s NMRA Du Page Division 39th annual All American Train Show is on Saturday March 21st. It will be the 125th event for the group.

    MidWest Mod_U_Trak II Modular layout Plan

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
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    it seems to me tnat it would only be worth it to the guys with huge pikes.
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  • Thanks guys.

    That’s a pretty impressive endorsement Dave_s. I’m pretty sure I could never get that kind of reliability from hand laid turnouts without the jigs and tools but then again I’ve never tried handlaying turnouts. Only straight track MANY years ago. LOL
  • I've hand laid turnouts for 40 years, but haven't tried the Fast Track system. I know several who have and love them. One friend is getting amazing results in N scale. The jigs are very accurate.
  • I used their jigs for turnouts and was happy with them...once I got them installed straight. I don't use any of their tools for laying track. I lay down one rail then use gauges for the other rail. This gives me a bit of wave in the track like you might see on backwoods lines.
  • Hi Tom,
    I posted a thread on the forum where I tried to detail some of my experiences and practices.

    My priority is realistic looking track that operates well. I have handlaid track just from NMRA templates, and have fabricated some of my own filing jigs. I have never had the type of success I have had with FastTracks templates.

    When you look at the way they are fabricated, you can either form the rails and handspike them to the roadbed, or use the fixtures and solder the rails to the PC-board ties. I am comfortable that this will keep the rails in gauge better than completely handspiking the ties without the PC-board ties.

    I'd be happy to talk with anyone about my experiences via message or phone.

  • I’m a little late for the party but I have the On30 #5 and #6 jigs plus all of the HOn3/HO dual gauge jigs. I also use Fast Tracks tools, which make things go really well. After finding out the prices on the ME turnouts up here in BC, and because most of the brick and mortar shops have closed, I find that dealing with Fast Tracks directly saves a lot of fuss and bother. Plus, I’ve found that the turnouts I’ve built (and if I can build them, it shouldn’t be hard for others to learn), they work much better and more reliable than ME switches. The last thing, is Fast Tracks has more switch sizes than any of the manufactured ones.
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