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Hello to all from India! I have been at the threads on this forum the last couple of weeks and was not even sure if I should introduce myself. The level of skill is outstanding! Great work all you wonderful and very talented modellers! I don't recall the names now, but I am sure I will get to know you and see your work in the future.

I have only built resin and styrene kits in the past. So the Twin Mills and Shipyard are going to be exciting challenges. I will be happy if I can complete the kits and learn new skills from building them. I hope to take my time building them. I will be happy to share my progress and welcome your feedback. Be warned though that my skill level is at the lowest in the beginner category.

I am going to be 46 in March and based in Bangalore, India. I work in the IT field. In my spare time, I like to travel, do a little amateur photography and build large LEGO sets, of which I have many. I also have a small collection of N Scale (mostly Japanese KATO), some OO scale and a couple of HO scale trains. In fact, my knowledge of the US HO is very limited. But, I am here for the hobby and I immensely enjoy it :)


  • Welcome John! We are super happy to have you here.
  • Hey John welcome.

  • Welcome John! This is the right place to learn modeling skills as there are a great many wonderful modelers on this forum, and everyone is very willing to share their ideas. And SW kits are the best kits with the best instructions to learn from also.
  • Welcome John
  • Thank you all!
    TomMich said:

    And SW kits are the best kits with the best instructions to learn from also.

    Yes. Completely agree Tom. I have never seen anything like it before. And the gold mine of castings! That blew me away when I opened the fist kit.
  • Thank you Ed. And yes, I did notice the humor and fun while I was browsing. Looking forward to interacting with you all.
  • John.
    Pay no mind to any of them we have been sniffing glue for a long time. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha...........Carl.
  • [sniff sniff]
    he's right ya know. sw kits in and of themselves are like taking a craftsman modeling course. you just crossed over to the very best. welcome aboard.
  • Welcome aboard. The forum now spans the globe. Kinda like the "Wide World of Sports".
  • and in my case...the agony of da feet.....
  • Oh man...that sounds like Maine humor
  • illinois humor......
  • It's not the glue we're sniffing, it's all those wonderful resin castings!
  • Welcome John ! Ed, I know where that line came from.....except the resin part... :wink: let's surf..
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    Glad to have you here John. Still haven't figured out how all of you that claim to be novices are working on the huge Twin Mills kit! Open that box and it's like " Whoa!" Such a great, signature, SierraWest Scale Models build...can't wait to see what you do with it...Ken
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    Thank you all for the warm welcome.

    Ken, it’s true I have very little experience. Especially, with strip wood. And the painting I have done so far is very little and on resin kits mostly. Having said that, I want to still build the twin mills without rushing it. I think I will start with the main structure of the shipyard and only then get to the twin mills. I don’t have a layout as yet and I am thinking I want to incorporate these models into a layout in the future. So, I am undecided if I should stop after the main structures are built. I guess I am challenging myself here but not decided if these will be standalone dioramas or part of a future layout.

    I have some ideas for a simple layout without a loop, incorporating some of the Sierra West kits. Maybe a 2 by 10 feet layout with the twin mills at one end. But, I have a lot of questions in my head at this point. I am reading up and researching on the internet when I can. I am learning something everyday about railroads and logging in the US in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I have my eyes on the deer creek mine too :) So, it’s not easy for me to make up my mind about a layout anytime soon. However, I should also mention that I enjoyed researching the shays, climax’s and hiesler engines. Logging operations at its peak in the US is very interesting to research and has me hooked for sure.

    Pardon the long post here. And thanks again all for the warm welcome!

  • That's the beauty of the Twin Mills kit, each structure can be built as a model itself and then combined into an amazing sawmill complex. The research and planning is a good bit of the fun. Take your time and enjoy.
  • any update john?
  • kebmo said:

    any update john?

    I am yet to receive the strip wood for the kit. I purchased it from Northeastern and its been to delivered to a friend in the US. I will have it hand on 3rd March. I also have some tools shipped from the US. The preparation in itself is taking ages for me cause I am in another continent!

  • engine909 said:

    John. The research will always prove to be time well spent. I think it also adds joy to the kit building.

    Totally! I have been reading up and watching videos of other layouts mostly. Some old footages of logging operations as well. I also need to get my hands on a copy of the book 'Pino Grande' by R.S. Polkinghorn. I am not looking at the locos much cause I know that's a slippery one :)

  • John,

    I have sent you a personal message concerning the Pino Grande book you expressed interest in.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ, USA
  • I have been reading the book recently and I am thoroughly enjoying it because I am very familiar with that area and,Michigan California Lumber Company, the American River, Folsom Dam, etc
  • i can't wait until you get your wood shipment! [rubbings hands together].
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