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Perkins Produce Reversed
Perkins Produce

I came across a UTube video the other day about applying Ink Jet printed images on wood. It seemed to have merit so I did some experimentation.

I can't seem to find the video again to post the link so I'll try to explain in word what the procedure is.

The photos attached show the image I chose to try (Perkins Produce). The first step is to create a mirror image in a photo editing software. I used Photoshop but there are many free/lowcost programs as well.

Next, printing the reversed image. Use mailing label paper (Avery, etc.) and peel away all of the labels leaving only the carrier sheet. The surface to print the image on is the slick surface that the mailing labels were discarded from. The slick surface prevents the ink from penetrating the paper and remains wet enough to apply to the wood surface.

The printed, wet inked image is carefully laid on the wood surface and pressure is applied to the image with just finger pressure rubbing the entire image while holding the carrier sheet in position with your other hand.

I did three applications....raw wood, painted wood, and alcohol/chalk stained wood...see for yourself the results.

The image shown is HO scale....seems like O scale would show better results....if very sharp resolution of the signage is needed this method would not be acceptable but in a weathered and aged model I think this might work for me where I want the illusion of a painted sign on the wall/fence

My opinion is that I will continue to experiment on board fencing and vertical board siding....I doubt the results would be acceptable on clapboard siding.

I'll continue to search for the video in case my verbal description is unclear



  • Interesting concept. The working time must be short though as the ink dries fairly quickly.
  • Thanks for this Terry.
  • I finally found the video

    After looking at my 3 samples, the application will be limited for me since most of my applications will be on some form of painted surface...dry-brush, wash, etc...

    I'll continue to ponder the technique, tho

  • Cool technique
  • Terry,
    Nice video. Now I have a burr under my saddle to get into the wood shop again and make some saw dust.
    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • keep turnin'

    i might have to give that a shot....
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