Dampness and warping.

Hi Guys.
For years I have used these Silica Gel Packs to prevent warping if your interior is not open place a few of them inside to keep it dry. I get them from my amazon boxes etc. ........Carl...........



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    Good idea, however, silica gel has a short usable lifespan. In what seems a like a lifetime ago, the family business I grew up in manufactured insulated glass (two or more pieces of hermetically sealed glass separated by a tubular aluminum/steel spacer which was filled with silica granules. Once the silica reached it's absorption capacity it no longer added any benefit, hence, once the tubular spacer was filled it was placed between the sheets of glass and the entire unit was sealed around the perimeter edges as quickle as possible (hours not minutes). An commonly held belief is that there is a vacumn between the lites of glass but what was really required was a dry air space which was accomplished by the silica granulaes/sealed perimeter.....way to wordy...sorry 'bout that

    All that being said, still a good idea to add the gel packs as they cause no harm but for a short period of time can keep the interior dry for a relatively short period of time

  • Oh Boy I did not know that Terry so i am going to take the walls down and remove it. No I just will leave them in there.
    One of these days I will come up with something useful.
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  • Terry.
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