Hello from Ohio

Greeting from Ohio. As a newcomer to the Sierra West community, a few words about myself. My name is Tom, retired after 45 years in the telecommunication world (no more callouts at all hours of the night or working in the cold/snow). I currently have the Dueling Shacks and the Wood Cutters Shack to construct. Our youngest daughter lives in Columbus Ohio, so I sent her a list of Rembrandt chalks to pick up at Blink for me. I really enjoy following the discussions and learning tips and techniques from all you seasoned pros. And believe me, I have a lot to learn.


  • Welcome aboard, Tom....glad you’re hangin out with us
  • Welcome Tom! So happy you have joined us!
  • Welcome Tom.

  • Welcome Tom! You are in good company. There is very much great information on this forum. Everyone is very willing to help and inspire your modeling.
  • Tom,

    Great to have you join the group. It would be quite helpful for you to familiarize yourself with how to use the information in the left hand column <----- there you will find completed step by step versions of the kits you already have on hand.
    79 HO Scale Builds
    96 O Scale Builds
    38 Finished SW Build Pics
    3 Miscellaneous Builds
    13Working with Wood
    16Painting Castings

    Plus, if you haven't already done so, take some time to familiarize yourself with information in the "Gallery and University " sections.
    HO Scale- O Scale -News -****Gallery"- "University" ***-Forum -Contact

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Welcome aboard. Originally from that part of the world myself..Springfield. Moved south in the 80's.
  • Welcome Tom. Always good to see a SW modeler move in. You know, we all are looking forward to see your first build. As I did myself, the Dueling Shacks are THE way to get familiar with the fantastic kits Brett provides. Then I moved on to the Woodcutters Shack.
    Both builds can be found on the forum.

  • Tom.
    Enjoy the time here. ............Carl.............
  • Welcome Tom from another Ohio resident. I live 30 minutes from Columbus!
    Look forward to seeing your work here...Ken
  • Thank you for the warm welcome.

    Ken... I live about an hour North of Columbus off of I-71 and State Route 30.

  • I live about 500 miles East of Ken Thank God.
  • And the wind tends to blow west to east...such a good thing!hehe.
  • That is right a lot of hot air out West. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha
  • I got nuthin!:)
  • You are a good sport Ken I think.
  • You thinks right!...I never take myself too seriously...since nobody else does:)
  • many of us do......
  • Now Kevin, quit talking about Ed
  • that's an acceptable ratio.
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