My sawmill diorama

I am going to make a new discussion for my diorama. The pictures are aa little hard to take as the sun will not stop shinning here in California. There seems to always be a bright sun, which the diorama really does not look good in. My layout has it's own lights, which this does not so indoors is also out, so here goes.

Mike S.

IMG_7929.jpg 1.jpg 11.jpg 111
IMG_7932.jpg 12
IMG_7933.jpg 2.jpg 2222
IMG_7935.jpg 4.jpg 44
IMG_7936.jpg 3.jpg 33
IMG_7942.jpg 6.jpg 66
IMG_7944.jpg 35
IMG_7945.jpg 36
IMG_7960.jpg 601
IMG_7968.jpg 681
IMG_7969.jpg 691
IMG_7972.jpg  721


  • Beautiful job. I love it.
  • Doesn’t get much better than that!!!!
  • Always nice to a dog in a beautifully done diorama. Excellent modeling Mike.
  • Mike,

    Some great modeling work, indeed. Would it be possible to pop off the roof for a look inside? Did you have a chance to add any interior lighting for any nighttime photos?

    I know what you mean about bright sunny days outdoors. We have our fair share of them here in Tucson as well. Try to compare some outdoor photos taken in the early morning outdoor light taken in a shaded location (as you have done above) and compare them to your earlier results.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Very nice indeed.

  • Thanks Guys. It was a lot of fun to build this. The roof is not removable. My mistake in not making it removeable. I feel I could only take off one part now, the back side by the sawdust bin. That would leave a very flimsy piece to try and put back on and keep it on flat. Or I would have to add more bracing on just that part. I could also use double sided tape to keep it in place. There are lights inside, but they do not show up in the photos in the outside light.

    A second diorama is now being worked on. It will attach to the side by the boiler. It will have the tool shed, the rigging shed, the truck repair shed and an enlarged tractor repair shed on it.

    Mike S.
  • What a great diorama. I like your use of the LP
  • wow......!
  • Outstanding, really a joy to see all the details and scenes come to life! I especially love the views with the track meandering lazily through the scene. Thank you for posting these Mike!
  • That looks great.

    You will have to send in a lumberjack or 2 to clear some space for the log unloader at some point.
  • Absolutely beautiful !
  • Nicely done!
  • Thanks to everyone who commented on the diorama. Coming from you guys, who I have followed here for a long time is really something. Doing this "type of modeling " in HO is how I started for a second time in model railroading way back in 1971. I did a lot of FSM kits. Now I am doing this in O scale, and making dioramas. Sierra West really makes it easier to make a great scene with Brett's kits and instructions.

    Mike S.
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