You asked for pictures

A while back I was asked to post some pictures of my sawmill. Here are some early shots, before it was incorporated into a diorama 3
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  • beautiful!
  • Very nice..where to begin...a couple things that grabbed my attention on my first passthru...the rusting on the metal roof....the detail on the log ends and cut I’m going back for a second look..and third
  • The coloring/highlights of LP clothing...very nice
  • Looks great
  • Very nice indeed!!

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks fantastic
  • Thanks guys. I'm not sure it is up to the standards of the two other sawmills that are now being built on this forum. It is very hard to get good pictures, since it is so dark inside. Like I said before, I wish I had made some of the roof sections removable.

    I will add some more pictures when it is put into the diorama I'm planning. Still building some more trees and I need to get a backdrop cut at the lumber yard.

    My layout is Sn3, but I love building dioramas in O scale. I started 50 years ago building FSM kits, and these Sierra West kits really take me back to that, although the castings are some much better now!

    Mike S.
  • Well done Mike, Thank you for sharing.
  • I like it very much. Gonna take a second, third, .....look at it. Always so much to discover. Great work Mike. Glad you have posted it.
  • Love the clutter and debris on the ground. Figures add a lot to eh story. Great job!
  • Wow Mike. Fantastic. Everything looks so good and natural! Coloration is superb. Thank you for sharing. Really enjoyed viewing these. How about a few more!
  • Beautiful work Mike...should be proud of this one, top shelf!
  • Nice work Mike. Fantastic model.
  • Thanks again. It was a real large project. When you open the huge bundle of wood and then see more inside the box, you wonder what you got yourself into. But by following Brett's instructions, progress is made and it just starts to take shape.

    The diorama is almost done and I will post some finished pictures hopefully this week.

    Mike S.
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