O-Scale Dolbeer

I thought I would post these photos for reference photos. As I've been working on this I've been referring to the manual as well as Roberts build. I thought some pre-weathered photos would be of help to someone maybe.

One thing to note. I had to drill an extra hole behind the cylinder because I didn't notice the hole in the cap when I was initially gluing everything together..



  • This was a great idea Alex. This size of photos really gives an excellent view on the details. And the super assembly you did. The "wood" looks very wood to me. Well done.
  • Alex, wonderful and helpful. Thanks!
  • Amazing. Just noticed the slight inset on the beams.
  • Well done Alex! Love it so far! The weathering on the wooden cross beams and the resin sleds are spot on.
  • EricMG said:

    Amazing. Just noticed the slight inset on the beams.

    Those insets or notches are cast-in place on the provided resin sleds. Makes adding the cross beams and assembling the sled super easy. Then you have to deal with all the incredible details on the boiler... but that's what makes it look so good!
  • Really great detail, Brett!
  • Thanks for posting the great pictures. Your build is spot on. Great job on the wood and resin castings. I will be using this when I get around to building mine.

    Mike S.
  • wasn't there a 'contents of the box' picture in this thread at one time, or am i just losing my marbles?
  • That was in my wood cutters thread. It would probably be a good idea to copy those photos to this one as well. Maybe someone can magically make them appear in my first post?
  • I think i'm going to call the boiler finished. I may do a very little blending when it gets mounted on the sled. But, that would be very minor.

    Tonight I tried my best to do a consecutive 360 degree photo's for reference purposes.

  • He does not play around, does he Kevin? You and I would take 3 months. Well I would. Alex, very nice of you to share. Great modeling and pictures.
  • Ed,

    My HO Diorama took me 8 months or so.. Now that I'm a little more proficient with how to build these I'm a little bit quicker.

    I thought I would share the below photo. this evening I put the log ties on. If your anything like me and are a very symmetrical person this may help you. Initially I thought I was doing something wrong because some photos have 3 ties while others have 4.. it took me a few moments to realize all of the photos are correct. One side has 3 while the other has 4 which is why 7 are included in the kit :wink: . This is due to the placement of the line gear (I think that's what it's called?) mounting point. When I get that mounted I'll take another above photo and it will become evident as to what I'm describing.

  • man. i'm debating grabbing one of these. problem is i don't really have a relevant reason to other than it looks a fun build.
  • Keb, a fun build would be more than enough for me to get one of these. I had no reason except it looked great so I got myself one, and what a fun build it was.... :smiley:
  • Keb,

    Once i finish this one it will be displayed on my home office desk for a while until more of my wood cutter is finished.

    Also, you could make a micro scene if you wanted (now you have a reason :smile:).
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  • Here is the current status. Almost done; but, not quite. I think I'll do a very little bit of weathering on the water tank, and maybe some "ash" on the skid by the fire box. But, that's about it.

    The boiler and water tank are drying now. So the weathering will wait.

    In the second photo you can see the line gear I mentioned previously. Later I'll take a direct overhead photo for reference.

  • Damn, now I want to build one! Contagious? Careful!
  • This Dolbeer is pretty much finished. I will likely do a little bit more to it when I place it.


  • Nice work Alex. I would make the rust less bright, but that's just my opinion.
  • Robert, i agree; i think i'm going to "redo" the water tank and take 50-80% of that weathering off and make it a little darker as well.
  • Believe me, weathering never comes with one single pass of a product. But it can only improve when you work it. Just be consequent. The rest of the metal looks rather clean and only the tank and the rivets of the lower part of the boiler are super rusted....weird.
    The overall look of the Dolbeer , the wood, the metal, is very good I think. The rope is a nice addition .
  • If you are looking for something that looks like wire rope....any good fabric / craft sore with a good sewing department has a thick thread that looks like wire rope.....silver in color....a little charcoal color chalk and rust colored chalk make it look great....if I was home...I'd post a photo...
  • Yeah, that thread was from Michaels..

    I was to get over to hancock fabrics as they will have a thick boot thread or something similar.

    Photos would be great!
  • You might try Clover House
  • You can look at model ship ropes.
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