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July 21
It shows. Sorry Eric, I could not control myself. "

Dear Ed, you old rocker, I think you have crossed a line here. First I think Eric is a great modeler. If he chooses not to read the manuals, that's his choice. But as far as I can see at what he's accomplished so far with the SW kits, it doesn't show AT ALL !!! His O'Neil is one hell of a build. With lots of personal touches. Like Brett wants his 'clients' to be.. Creative.

And at least, he's showing his work. I don't think we've ever seen any of yours... (sorry, I couldn't control myself... :) )

And let's keep my thread friendly please.... :)


  • 999, I think the Florida heat has gotten to you. OF COURSE I READ THE MANUALS! By now you must understand at least a modicum of my sense of humor. But, I'm really interested, why don't you explain to me just how it shows! And please be specific. Can't wait to read your response.
  • Sports fans, it was a freaking joke. Humor, kidding, not serious, fooling around, having fun. Have anybody on this site ever seen me intentionally be disrespectful. Let me supply the answer. NO. Thank you.
    Oh, and by the way I also think he is a great modeler. I am quite sure he knew I was not serious. Why? Because he sure as hell would have made me aware if he was.
  • Case closed ... Thanks Ed
  • I apologize for over defending myself. I never read Eric's response. I assumed incorrectly, he did not get it as a joke. He never responded until Robert.G mentioned it. I figured with his exceptional sense of humor he would quickly realize I was only fooling with him.
    Live and learn. I will refrain from further attempts at humor. Tough crowd.
    Back to modeling with Dan Tyminski-Southern Gothic
  • All is fine Ed. Now, we really like to see some of your work. If it is as good as your pen, we are in for a treat ! :smiley:
  • Me to..... I would like to see some of your work
  • i've seen some of his work. he's really good at building structures. i've been trying to get him to post pics for some time now. he's a stubborn ol'l coot.
  • Come on Ed, we all want to see your work, share it with the rest of us, not just Kevin!
  • I have seen it also and real nice work on everything.
  • So what is the big deal Ed?
  • Ed, I did see it as a joke or I would not have referred to you as 999, which is the sign of Satan upside-down.
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