My version of O Neills

Hi gents

Hope you are all well. Been some time since I have uploaded a SW build. Ive been working on this slowly when Ive had some free time.

Main structure is coming along with some more weathering to do.

Let me know your thoughts, I appreciate constructive criticism.IMG-4464


  • Really like the rust and weathering on the metal roofing....looks dead on realistic....
  • Wonderful Wes! Coloration is so warm and realistic.
  • Thanks guys

    Really need to get my proper camera out. Just much easier with the i phone. HAHA
  • Wes,

    Some really fine work. Thanks for sharing your photos. Hope to see more postings of this structure kit as it develops further.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Beautiful job.
  • I like the green stain on the concrete. The rust on the roof looks crusty. Like that too.
    Are the rafter ends stained?
  • no critique here. looks perfect. kudos.
  • Thanks gents

    Appreciate the comments.
  • What a nice build !! Beautiful colors.
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