The Dolbeer Logging Engine

May I present you guys 'The Dolbeer Logging Engine'. I think it's also the premiere on this forum. What a wonderful kit that was. I've never encountered such a detailing in these tiny and minuscule parts that make up this fantastic build. Hats of for Charles H. Brommer and for Brett for the casting.
Actually, it is not such a small kit at all. Compared with, for example, a Porter locomotive , it is quiet big. That thing must have weighed a ton !!! ( and more)

I do have to ,NOT agree with Brett when he talks in the manual about ' A Quick Build'.... I know it's not the Sawmill, but nevertheless , it takes a serious amount of time to work through the building process.
But that's also the great fun of it.

I also have to admit I f***ed up a few times by breaking some small pieces. Thank God there is epoxy and superglue.
They do bend so easily, and one re-bend to many and they break. Used to work with brass and bronze castings...Lesson learned. !! I also changed the metal water gauge with a transparant optic fiber. ( not that it is so clear to see, but I know it's there...

Do you guys have that same feeling, when finished a build, you want the same kit again ?? Afraid that it won't be there anymore if you should want to build it again....

Anyway, it was , once again, a great ride. Hope you enjoy the pics.
Now it's waiting for the Truck Repair to arrive.


DSCN3460 kopie

DSCN3461 kopie

DSCN3462 kopie

DSCN3466 kopie

DSCN3464 kopie

DSCN3465 kopie

DSCN3468 kopie

DSCN3469 kopie

DSCN3470 kopie

DSCN3472 kopie

DSCN3473 kopie

DSCN3474 kopie

DSCN3476 kopie

DSCN3477 kopie

DSCN3475 kopie

Thanks for watching.


  • Wow, you wouldn't know its a model. Wonderful skills.
  • Great execution on the model. I like the remnants of red paint on the spool cover and the wood color you achieved.

    You are right about the should not be a quick build and when time is taken, you get results like yours. I for one would love to see Brett release more of the CHB donkey line. Hint intended.
  • Beautiful job!!!

  • Fantastic work as always. Beautifully detailed, well worth the time! I love the colouring of the "wood". How did you achieve that?
  • Terrific work Robert, It looks like it has been setting out for many years.
  • Robert,

    Amazing modeling. Thanks for the photos.

  • Robert,

    Awesome modeling and photos of the Dolbeer Logging Engine.

    In addition to sharing how you colored the wood in the kit could you give us a tutorial on how you get the texture on pieces like the boiler?

    Thanks, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Awesome job Robert! Love the color and texture of the wood as well as the patina on the metal parts. It looks like it's in the woods ready for use.
  • Robert. well now one will ever top that build just outstanding in every way. ......Carl........
  • Whow!...outstanding work on an outstanding kit...nuff said...
  • Outstanding job. I'm sure it will help me when I am brave enough to start mine! Thanks for posting the pictures.

    Mike S.
  • BRAVO Robert.
    The result is stunning!!!
  • Absolutely Beautiful! I am just finishing up a donkey from another manufacturer. Terrible instructions and very poor quality castings. My Dolbeer from Brett just arrived in the mail yesterday. I opened the box with my friend overlooking that never saw a SWSM kit. I said to him look how clean Bretts castings are, He said no way they are castings they look "machined". I just smiled and said, nope, just Bretts quality work!
  • Wonderful Robert! The last couple shots are especially nice.
  • as many have said, it looks like the real deal. i would be terrified to try and build this kit.
    i think tom said, it looks like it's been sitting out in the woods. he's absolutely right. it sure does. unbelievably great pictures of an unbelievably great kit.
  • The weathering on your wood is fantastic!

  • For Joel and Dave, ( and to whom it may be of any interest) this is my 'Modus Operandi' for the wood coloring.

    Since the sled was a combination of wood and resin, I sprayed it first with a brown/grey nitro cellulose primer using an airbrush. Like I explained before, this can take very aggressive weathering. Won't dilute with alcohol, turps, water. (only cellulose thinner)
    No staining of the wood this time. I prefer the airbrush over the spray can because one can work much more accurate . The amount of paint is lesser so more detail is preserved.

    The different tones of weathered wood are oils applied very diluted over the primer. On top of that I used the chalk pencils in wood and grey tones on sled and then I rubbed these colors with a 'duller' ( don't know the right word for that pencil shaped paper instrument....) see photo. ( the Rembrandt chalks go back to the late 70' ties when I was at the Art Academy :smile: )
    The pencils work more accurate than powders in this case where I wanted a specific color on a specific place. For the rest they are the same as the chalk sticks we use.

    The rust is a combination of chalk powder and mat enamel paint that I use as a binder. The chalk provides the color and structure. ( as explained before in the Woodcutters Shack thread)

    Thank you all for the positive comments, and Kebmo, don't be afraid of this fabulous kit. When you follow the manual, no worries. It's just that the pieces are soooo small.
    I would start it all over again. :blush:


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    I am just finishing up a donkey from another manufacturer. Terrible instructions and very poor quality castings.

    The only thing I can say is FORGET the other manufacturers. This kit convinced me once more. There are NO better castings than these by SW !!!

  • nextceo said:

    The weathering on your wood is fantastic!


    Hah Alan! As Robert said, the main sled components are supplied resin castings. Robert did a masterful job of weathering them!
  • Wow, fantastic job.
  • Yeah Brett, I was thinking those Skids were made of Resin...I can never get that stuff to look real like Robert did...that was very well done.
  • Robert,

    Thanks for the explanation of the techniques you used for coloring and adding texture to the Dolbeer sled skids and the tank. You always introduce some interesting techniques and new materials.

    I believe that the white stick you used for blending might be called an artists' stump.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • NICE Build !!! after seeing 2 post's Here on Dolbeer Engines and members talking about other Manfufacturers kits got me thinking of what I had in my stash? DSC00041
  • that's some stash!
  • Better start building and feeding the forum..... :smiley:
  • I find stashes of unbuilt kits depressing. Like people who buy but do not drive vintage cars. I just do not get the appeal.
  • Then it would be very Depressing looking all the UNBUILT KITS I have and 50 present of my stuff is old vintage stuff that's hard to come-buy these days. I had a bunch of collector cars years ago I was a Huge Mopar Car nut at one time... and have a lot of friends that have large car collections MOPAR OR NO CAR most people just don't get it
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    Great tutorial on the resin "wood" casting weathering. Between Brett's masterful castings and your stellar resin wood weathering...end results speak for themselves!
  • Engine909, I do not belong to any O scale Club now I'm a lone wolf you heard wrong... 20 years ago... Yes....Now No
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