Detail details details

While waiting for the next kit to arrive I’ve been busy with the final detail parts for RRCamp. One of my favorite parts of Brett’s kits are the little templates that keep on giving. Pallets can be built in an unlimited number. And they can be new, beat up, weathered, filled with junk, empty. I look for places to use them, then I place detail parts and see how they may be best displayed to look as natural as possible. IMG_3141


  • Well!!! Very nice to say the least. Thank you for the inspiration and sharing.
  • Carl, great inspiration. I love adding the details. They tell a story, set a scene, and make all the difference in my opinion.
  • Thanks Carl.

    Really like the weathering on that radiator. That barbed wire fence is well done.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ
  • Great little scenes !!
  • Great pics Carl, details look fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  • You are right about the pallets...they look good anywhere.
  • The détails are very realistic. Superb!!
  • Geesh Carl, those are some extremely well done details. Love the barbed wire...great stuff.
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