Just my opinion

Good Evening everyone.
I thought that this forum was and is to help others give ideas and having your own way of doing what you like.When someone ask well lets see what you have done to me is downgrading a person.

Some of you or most remember Mike Chambers from the other forum he was the Administer there. Mike always gave a positive comment to everyones work, And never a rude word. I wish there were more Mike Chambers in this world.

So with that being said if someone likes the pens so be it. I have used them for stone work slate roof shingles so if it is their choice weather they use a paint roller or a tooth pick.

Yes Ed is a friend of mine and he is just trying to learn like all of us.If I offended anyone just let me know and we can talk about it.

Just Saying. .............Carl..........


  • Some people on the forum may want to read this again, It is a hobby not a contest. .......Carl.......
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